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Corporate Responsibility.

As a responsible corporate citizen (stakeholder in society), the BMW Group faces social challenges worldwide in regions, areas and locations in which the company operates. The focus of social commitment is on intercultural understanding, solid education for children and young adults, road safety and the responsible use of resources. BMW Group employees are becoming increasingly involved thanks to their personal social engagement. Moreover, through its activities, the independent BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt contributes towards social responsibility and the BMW Group mission. Culture is also an essential part of our society. Therefore, international support of culture has been an important factor in the company for more than 50 years, with now more than 100 projects. The BMW Group sets the main focus of cultural engagement on modern and contemporary art, jazz and classical music as well as architecture and design. In the process, the BMW Group considers absolute freedom of creative potential a basic principle which in the arts is equally as much a guarantee for ground-breaking works as it is for innovations within a business enterprise.