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Corporate Citizenship

Social commitment.

Assuming social responsibility – in areas where we have expert knowledge.

Corporate citizenship forms an integral part of how the BMW Group defines itself as a company. 

We address current challenges in society and focus on those areas in which we can apply our core expertise to achieve specific and measureable improvements. We believe that our corporate citizenship activities contribute towards mastering challenges in society, while at the same time bringing economic benefit to the company. Thus we can utilise the experience and expertise we gain to the benefit of our core business.

We focus on finding long-term solutions, which can be transferred to other parts of the world and help people help themselves, thereby achieving a substantial and lasting effect.

Sustainable Value Report.

Sustainable Value Report.

Read more about our commitment and discover the projects through which we are helping shape social change.

Social Commitment.

The BMW Group is active in more than 150 countries, so intercultural communication and understanding is a part of our everyday lives. Many of the markets in which we do business are characterised by a large degree of inequality. We know the realities on the ground. We want to use the BMW Group’s global presence to contribute to greater intercultural understanding and social inclusion. We intend to fulfil our responsibility as a good corporate citizen through our social commitment in these two areas.

Two girls playing with gears at the BMW Group Junior Campus.

Cultural engagement.

With over 100 projects worldwide, the BMW Group’s cultural commitment has been an essential part of corporate communications for more than 40 years now. The BMW Group places the main focus of its long-term cultural commitment on modern and contemporary art, jazz and classical music as well as architecture and design.  Unrestricted freedom of creative potential is of the utmost importance, as it is equally as crucial for the field of art as it is for ground-breaking innovations within a business enterprise.

The London Symphony Orchestra on stage at the BMW Open Air Classics.

Simply classic – the BMW LSO Open Air Classics.


When recent graduates from Asia and Europe work together on society’s challenges; when children learn what sustainability really means; when young people without an apprenticeship are given an opportunity on the job market – these are just a few of many examples that demonstrate the social commitment of our charitable foundations. 

The BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt and the BMW AG Eberhard von Kuenheim Foundation are legally and functionally independent institutions that work with the BMW Group to leverage their commitment.

A man and a woman having a conversation.

BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt.

Key performance indicators: corporate citizenship.

BMW figures concerning environmental projects
BMW figures concerning about educational programs
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