Marc Bras
Sustainability 10.03.2022 4 Min.
“I am experiencing a cultural transformation.”

In the “WEffect” sustainability series, the BMW Group highlights the sustainable contribution made by a wide range of people in the company – and the motivation that inspires them. Today: Marc Bras.

Sustainability has many facets at the BMW Group because we are using this term to harmonise business, the environment and society. If we are to successfully put these high standards into practice, we need our employees’ commitment. Everyone can play their part in making the BMW Group sustainable.

So, who are all these colleagues who make sustainability part of their everyday work? What drives them to roll up their sleeves throughout the company? In its “WEffect” sustainability series, the BMW Group introduces employees who play their daily part in the broad and responsible further development of our company.

In this part of our series, Marc Bras, Head of Mobility Services at BMW Group Netherlands, reveals why crazy ideas lead to successful sustainability projects such as the “eDrive Zones” or “BMW i3 for the Oceans”.

Marc Bras

Marc Bras, you are working on a wide range of projects that have the potential to influence traffic patterns in large cities in the future as well as people’s individual mobility. What is your goal? What do you personally want to achieve?

Marc Bras: To shape the sustainable future of mobility. 

And when you look at this objective: are there stumbling blocks? What is slowing you down?

Bras: There are many stakeholders whose needs have to be reconciled. This often can’t be achieved at the first attempt and costs time. But time is in short supply. Sometimes you can’t simply motor forward and coordinate every step of the way with all stakeholders. 

Who or what helps you to achieve this goal? 

Bras: My team is very focused and brings differing background knowledge to the table. We all think in terms of opportunities and options, no matter what – that is enormously helpful. I am also experiencing a cultural transformation in the company that is opening up the way for more and more fresh ideas to come from all directions.

Marc Bras

Is there anything you personally can file under “Learnt”? And how does this affect how you act both in and outside your professional life? 

Bras: I have learned to move on. I have failed before and I am not afraid to fail again, because that is part of learning. This makes me very resilient in both my private and professional life. And I have a positive attitude. 

Was there any particular reason or trigger that prompted you to get involved with sustainable projects?

Bras: I am very inspired by being able to set up a platform and create a safe environment where new ideas become possible solutions. This is the main reason why I love being part of it. 

What are you particularly proud of? 

Bras: The crazy ideas that become a team success – like eDrive Zones, BMW i3 For The Oceans, the collaboration with the city of Rotterdam and the support of inspiring people like Boyan Slat.

Marc Bras

Imagine you meet Oliver Zipse, the Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, in the lift. He asks: “How can I help you make your projects successful?” What do you say? 

Bras: We see a growing interest in the Dutch market in on-demand mobility services – perhaps earlier than in other markets. An integrated package of these services for private as well as business use would make all our products – from cars to bicycles – even more attractive for our existing customers as well as for new target groups. 

In a single sentence: what motivates you to keep it up every day? 

Bras: To be a part of the wheel of change.  

And when is it good enough? 

Bras: Now. Enough about me. (laughs)

In the upcoming portraits from our “WEffect” sustainability series, committed colleagues will also describe their motivation and explain the contribution they are making to sustainability within the BMW Group.

"WEffect – we make the BMW Group sustainable.“
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