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Mobility of the future.

Finding answers to global trends.

Several BMW i cars on the road.

The BMW Group faces the challenge of identifying and responding to changing mobility requirements under the influence of global trends early. By 2030, more than 60% of the world’s population will live in cities, raising the central questions: How can we realise individual mobility in more and more densely populated urban areas? What concepts do we need to be able to organise traffic in a resource-efficient and climate-friendly manner?

When it comes to shaping future mobility, the BMW Group therefore considers the entire value chain, with the aim of making it as sustainable as possible. Protection of the environment is accorded just as much importance as social compatibility and commercial viability. The challenges of urban mobility in particular not only require different vehicle products, but also new kinds of mobility services.

Under the BMW i brand, as well as visionary vehicle concepts, the BMW Group also offers innovative services and solutions to improve urban mobility. These intelligent, integrated services are not only seamlessly integrated into everyday life, but also create synergies between themselves – from car-sharing to locating and using public charging stations to finding parking spaces.

The BMW Group as the driving force for mobility research.

A DriveNow car driving in an urban setting.

The BMW Group is constantly working to identify new trends early and to translate the most promising research findings into practical applications.

As we continue to expand our car-sharing service DriveNow at national and international level, the integration of electric cars and the intelligent networking of mobility services will remain a priority in order to make urban mobility more flexible, more convenient and more sustainable.

The current of the future.

The BMW i Wallbox is more than just a filling station for electrical energy. It is the symbol of a new age. The BMW i Wallbox marks the beginning of all-round sustainable mobility. 

Powering the future.

Our holistic approach to electro-mobility is typified by our 360 ELECTRIC product and service package.

  • It includes home charging with the BMW i Wallbox
  • and charging on the go at public charging stations with ChargeNow – a charging card used for access and payment at a large number of charging stations operated by different providers.
  • 360 ELECTRIC also include a number of Assistance Services designed specifically for electro-mobility. For example, BMW i ConnectedDrive navigation services not only include the charging status of the high-voltage in route planning, but also recommend the most efficient route. 
  • With BMW Add-on Mobility, customers have access to conventional BMW vehicles and the car-sharing service DriveNow for longer-distance trips.

In this way, 360 ELECTRIC is already making electro-mobility a practical alternative for many people today.

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Focus topics: researching the mobility of the future.

A BMW driving through a modern intersection.
Research focusing on megacities.
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