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The beginning of a passion.

Design at the BMW Group.

Over the years, many design icons have shaped and refined the identity of BMW Group models. From innovative design to design innovation, each model has its own unique interpretation – distinctive and full of character.

THE BMW CONCEPT i4 – stay ahead in style.

Intelligent laser light and OLED.

Close-up of a BMW front-end with headlights on.
View of a BMW i8.

The BMW i8 is the future of the sports car – and Laserlight, the future of automotive lighting technology. Both offer unprecedented performance wand top efficiency. In the BMW i8, this is the first time that Laserlight headlights have been offered in a series-production vehicle worldwide. BMW Laserlight offers more than double the range of conventional headlights (up to 600 metres), providing increased safety for night-time driving.

Close-up of a BMW rear-end with Organic Light.

BMW Organic Light.


Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) are innovative, efficient and sustainable light sources used as part of BMW Organic Light. OLEDs use very little energy, which also helps lower CO2 emissions.

The sustainability of the technology is also evidenced by the fact that production does not involve any expensive or rare materials or “rare earths”. Unlike regular LEDs, OLEDs produce a light that is dissipated more evenly.


Focus topics: the BMW 7 Series and the MINI Clubman.

Side view of a BMW 7 Series model.
Design sketch of the interior of the BMW 7 Series.
Interior of a BMW 7 Series model.
BMW 7 series M Sport package.
Sketch of a MINI Clubman with open doors.
Sketch of the MINI Clubman viewed from the rear.
Design sketch of the MINI Clubman cockpit.

Getting to know BMW Group Design Works.

Introducing BMW Group Designworks

Designworks is a cross-industry design studio focused on mobility and product design, as well as strategic design consultancy.
Designworks teams gain important insights into the world of brands, markets, companies and consumers. In this way, the studio is able to identify design-relevant phenomena and development trends and use this knowledge to inspire the BMW Group.