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Intelligent and connected mobility.


Intelligent and connected mobility.

interacting with the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant.

The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant has been available in a range of vehicles with BMW Operating System 7.0 since March 2019. The intelligent digital companion, which responds to “Hey BMW”, assists the driver, learns their preferences, knows their preferred settings and is an absolute expert on the vehicle. With regular Remote Software Upgrades that can be performed seamlessly “over the air” and installed directly in the vehicle, new capabilities are continuously added to improve and expand the assistant. The upcoming upgrade will allow the user to chat with the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant and engage in short, amusing conversations: 

Cockpit BMW 1er

„Hey BMW, what's your favourite colour?"

Interacting with the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant.

BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant


The BMW Group is set to revolutionise Sheer Driving Pleasure with the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. The new technology enables direct communication with the vehicle: Activated with “Hey BMW”, it can explain many different functions (“How does the High-Beam Assistant work?”); provide status updates (“Does the oil need changing?”); and answer questions (“Which warning messages do I have?”).

It assists the driver by learning their preferences and favourite settings, for example, for seat heating, or knowing the places they navigate to on a regular basis (“Take me home”).

One unique feature compared with other digital assistants is that drivers can give their helper a name to create more of a personality. The personal assistant’s capabilities are constantly being enhanced.


Unveiling the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant


Intelligent connectivity makes mobility much easier, safer and more convenient for our customers. With its Connected Services for BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad, the BMW Group is one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers in this field of technology, with more than 20 years’ experience in driver assistance systems and digital services. In the past 10 years alone, the BMW Group’s constant efforts to advance digital connectivity have been recognised with no fewer than 37 national and international awards.

Connected Services at BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad.

BMW Connected Services


BMW ConnectedDrive is currently available in 45 countries and already installed in more than 10 million vehicles driving on roads around the world. A steadily growing number of digital touchpoints, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, ensure the vehicle is fully connected.

MINI Connected Services


MINI Connected enables in 43 markets worldwide a new era of connectivity. All new MINI models will be available with the option of a built-in 4G SIM card. This will allow MINI drivers to access a digital world of personalised services designed to make day-to-day mobility and planning even easier.

BMW Motorrad Connected Services

BMW Motorrad

At BMW Motorrad, connectivity is all about fast, clear information for the driver, with minimum distraction from traffic and a unique operating concept. Functionality such as Bluetooth connectivity, the innovative TFT Display and Connected App make BMW motorcycles safer and more fun to ride.


Smart Phone and Smart Speaker

The BMW Group is integrating Connected Services into the digital lives of customers worldwide. Whether the simple and comfortable control of vehicle functions from home, e.g. with Amazon Alexa, Google Home or the Chinese Tmall Genie, or on the go via Android smartphones and iPhones. From mid-2018, Alexa will also be fully and seamlessly integrated into all BMW and MINI models.

Man setting his Smart Watch

Since 2016, the smartphone has been seamlessly connected to the car through the Open Mobility Cloud. Thanks, above all, to the large number of customer touchpoints and the ability to use services everywhere, it is possible to create a comprehensive 360-degree digital experience for the customer that brings driver and vehicle even closer together.

Connected Drive

The BMW Group was the first premium car manufacturer in the world to make it possible to book and pay for online services easily via the BMW ConnectedDrive Store in the vehicle. The latest solutions, such as the overall digital concept around BMW Connected, also demonstrate the ongoing development of connectivity.

Free internet access in the new BMW 7 Series.

The BMW Group was the first vehicle manufacturer to bring another innovative digital service to the vehicle by enabling free internet access in the new BMW 7 Series.

Connected Drive BMW in front of parabolic antennas of the Raisting earth station

With the SIM card permanently installed in the vehicle, BMW drivers were able to access news, weather or office functions.

BMW Assist package

The BMW Assist package was launched under the umbrella of "BMW telematics", offering a concierge service and the latest traffic information, as well as intelligent emergency call. At that time, the data connection was established by using the SIM card from the customer's telephone in the vehicle.

first integrated navigation system

BMW was the first automobile manufacturer in Europe to offer an integrated navigation system.

radar-based distance warning device in the legendary BMW Turbo concept

The BMW Group laid the foundation for connected mobility with the radar-based distance warning device in the legendary BMW Turbo concept.

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What does connectivity really mean?

Graphical depiction of the three elements BMW connects with ist connectivity.


In brief, the realisation of 100-percent intelligent connectivity between passengers, vehicle and surroundings.

Thanks to the innovation of BMW Group engineers, rapid advancements have been made in this area. The BMW Group offers innovative functions connecting drivers, cars and their surroundings under BMW ConnectedDrive.

Graphical depiction of the three goals of premium driving comfort.

Development focuses on three goals.

The driver is always the focus of attention at the BMW Group. Developers are working intensively on solutions that satisfy the wishes and demands of drivers that will have an impact on the cars of today and tomorrow. All functions now available are consistently focused on three objectives: improving comfort and convenience, offering new dimensions of infotainment and ensuring optimal safety for drivers and passengers.