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BMW Group Autonomous Driving Campus Welcome to the BMW Group Autonomous Driving Campus.

On the road to fully-autonomous driving, the industry is still taking its first steps. To lead the way as a pioneer and keep our sights set firmly on the goal, we have established the Autonomous Driving Campus near Munich. Discover how we are building the future right here; check out the campus or even join our team.

This is where we work.

The BMW Group's Autonomous Driving Campus outside of Munich is a ground-breaking development facility that showcases the BMW Group’s transformation into a tech company. 
The BMW Group is concentrating its development expertise in driver assistance and automated driving at this site. The idea is for all BMW departments and partners involved in the process to work directly together at a single location offering ideal conditions. The campus brings all development steps together in one place, so that software developers will only have to walk a few steps to test the code they have just written in the vehicle. 

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This is how we work.

Infrastructure and office equipment meets the specific needs of agile working: At the new BMW Group Autonomous Driving Campus, agile work structures based on LeSS (Large Scale Scrum) will be adapted and put into practice. Scrum is a method of product development that solves complex tasks in a creative manner. The new work culture will be defined by easier communication and transparency within the team, as well as short decision paths.

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These are the skills we are combining.

The campus will pool a variety of different competencies, from sensor technology specialists, to data and software engineers, to artificial intelligence and big data experts. The core idea of working in feature teams is to leverage potential by moving away from specialisation in a Centre of Competence towards the holistic application of knowledge, expertise and passion.

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Autonomous minds for autonomous driving.

Increasing our lead in autonomous driving will need visionary thinkers and creative developers. Specialists in the fields of machine learning, artificial intelligence, sensor technology and software development will work in expert teams, in centers of excellence networked around the world, to redefine the limits of what is possible.