Page Overview: rad°hub – The Locations – Rotterdam

rad°hub – The Locations – Rotterdam

Rad°hub Stationen – Rotterdam.

The topics of rad°hub Rotterdam for the 12th and 13th September 2018 were based around Creative Responsibility and Future Mobility Experience.
Each of the various "hubs" offered workshops for selected topics such as Connected Life or Smart Habitat, in which the rad°influencer delved into each issue and developed concepts for the mobility of the future.
Because every hub had a different perspective, the participants were offered optimal requirements, in which they could incorporate individual viewpoints, backgrounds and visions.

The location for the lively exchange of futuristic topics was this year the 'Innovatiekracht', which offered not only an inspirational atmosphere, but also a spectacular view of the Rotterdam Harbour.

rad°hub Rotterdam - Results.

Connected Live, Mobility Diversity, Circular Economy and Smart Home – In two workshops for each of these topics, participants have collaborated to create individual and innovative ideas that matter to tomorrows' sustainable society. Whilst further questions regarding future mobility solutions have emerged, plenty of illustrations full of ideas and visions have been created. Of course, we want to share these visions with you.

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rad°hub Rotterdam – Impressions.