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The participants

rad°influencer – The Participants.

Who are the rad°influencer?

rad°influencer are people who think outside the box, who listen and take an active part in discussions, who share their creative visions with others and are excited by alternative perspectives.

What can rad°influencer expect?

Rad°hub: Co Create.
Rad°hub: Influence the change.
Rad°hub: Spread your ideas.
Rad°hub: Expand your horizons.
Rad°hub: Extend your network.

Where do rad°influencer come from?

The rad°hub’s strength lies in the diversity of its participants.

rad°influencer are visionaries from the worlds of business, technology, humanities and the arts. From start-up founders to managers, to employees of NGOs and foundations, to university professors – rad°influencer are active in virtually all areas of society. Working with employees and managers from various BMW Group departments, they are able to develop innovative scenarios for future topics. Our rad°influencer all have one thing in common: They push the envelope and drive progress in their field.

Jin-Ju Jahns, Social Impact Recruiting.
Josefiina Kotilainen, Slush.
Rapelang Rabana, Rekindle Learning.
Henry Hwong, Cunningham Foundation.
Henry Hwong, Cunningham Foundation.