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Rad°hub Idea.

rad°hub - Overview.

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The idea.

The mobility of the future goes far beyond products and services. To continue driving this future and pushing boundaries, the BMW Group created rad°hub – a creative space for interdisciplinary exchange between opinion leaders and experts, both inside and outside the company, where they can discuss and master the challenges of future mobility together.

Why the name rad°hub? “rad” is German for the “wheel”, one of the most important inventions in the history of mankind, and “rad°” is the symbol for the earth’s rotational speed (rad/s). The word “hub” refers to the place where people come together to create innovations. The rad°hub represents the momentum that drives the earth and its inhabitants, today and in the future.  

The concept.

At every rad°hub, participants work together in smaller breakout groups to develop future scenarios. Intensive exchange between people from different disciplines provides new impulses and a change of perspective, as well as an opportunity to build new contacts. Scenarios are explored and analysed with a single goal: to spark impulses and develop ideas for products and services in the mobility sector. 

The rad°hub patron.

Dr. Nicolas Peter is the Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for Finance. Furthermore, he represents the international cultural engagement for the BMW Group in the Board. With Mr. Peter as the new patron, he will continue and enrich the creative and inspiring dialogue at the rad°hub on the mobility of the future between visionary thinkers and opinion leaders of society from all over the world. 

The Patron.
The Patron.

About rad°influencers.

There are many good reasons for our rad°influencers to attend one of the events – from growing their network, to sharing their ideas, to helping shape the future. But what makes a rad°influencer?

rad°influencers are visionaries from the worlds of business, technology, humanities and the arts: from start-up founders to managers, to employees of NGOs and foundations, to university professors. Working with employees and managers from various BMW Group departments, they develop innovative scenarios for future topics. All our rad°influencers have one thing in common: They push the envelope and drive progress in their field.    

Monica Yunus and Camille Zamora, Co-Founders Sing for Hope
Prof. Jan Teunen, Culture Capital Producer
Thomas van Schaik, Commercial Director NOC*NSF
Birgit Ströbel, Founder FightClub & Co-founder Immobilienscout24
Christian Vanizette, Cofounder MakeSense

rad°hub events so far.

The rad°hub made stops in London and Los Angeles in 2016 as part of the company's centenary activities. In 2017, it returned to Munich, the home of the BMW Group. Thanks to highly-motivated rad°influencers and their creative ideas, each stop brought the mobility of the future another step closer.