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Venturing Into New Tech

venturing into new tech.

BMW i Ventures is the BMW Group’s venture capital unit for investing in fast-growing technology start-ups. The aim of this unit is to make financially attractive investments that create strategic value added for the BMW Group.

With a broad focus that includes areas such as digital vehicle technology, autonomous driving, shared and on-demand mobility, electromobility, Industry 4.0 and customer innovation, BMW i Ventures is securing access to the technologies of the future.

Investing in start-ups has proved extremely promising, both from a strategic and an economic perspective, and creates sustainable strategic value-added for the BMW Group.

Collaboration with the start-up industry creates a win-win situation.


Minority holdings by BMW i Ventures in the best, most innovative start-ups provide the BMW Group with external access to innovations and secure the company’s role as a technology pioneer.


BMW i Ventures not only provides financial support for start-ups, but also contributes internal non-monetary resources or “smart capital”, such as technical expertise and access to the network of an established global player.

From Silicon Valley to Munich: BMW i Ventures.

The BMW Group therefore expanded the successful concept behind its venture capital unit in 2016 and set up a venture capital fund of up to 500 million euros over ten years.

BMW i Ventures, which was founded in New York in 2011 with an initial venture capital of 100 million dollars, is now headquartered in Silicon Valley, the main hub for start-ups in the US and also maintains an office in Munich.

With its greater autonomy, BMW i Ventures is able to make investment decisions quickly, as necessitated by the industry. This autonomy allows it to match the speed and quality of the best venture capital firms and attract top investment partners. 

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BMW i Ventures has invested in over 30 start-ups so far. Its most significant investments to date include:

GAN Systems

Producer of gallium-nitride-based high-performance transistors that enable smaller, more cost-effective and efficient energy systems. Cooperation in the field of electromobility.


Producer of autonomous fleet vehicles.


Online platform for vehicle sales. Shift’s complete sales process is online. Also offers test drives – which have been particularly successful in appealing to young target groups. 


The largest provider of connected infrastructure in the US for charging electric vehicles. Partner in the BMW Charging network.


Computer vision/deep-learning start-up that analyses the vehicle’s surroundings and driver behaviour. Cooperation with the BMW Group on the use of artificial intelligence for environment recognition and driver behaviour. 

Carbon 3D

Manufacturer of 3D printers for plastic parts, including for production of automotive parts. Corresponding cooperation with the BMW Group. 


Leading producer of 100% zero-emission electric buses in North America. 


Online platform for brokering on-demand production orders for 3D printing and CNC milling; typically used in the production environment for prototype construction. 


Certified garage service, booked online for a fixed price.

Desktop Metal

Specialised in 3D printing using metal. The technology is mainly for printing complex metal objects, such as components used in vehicles.


Provides a ground-breaking app-based flexible mobility option between vehicle rental and leasing. 


Digital platform for roadside assistance. Corresponding cooperation with the BMW Group in the US.