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Open Manufacturing Platform

The Open Manufacturing Platform.

An initiative to accelerate innovation in the manufacturing industry. A powerful technology platform, reference architecture and open data model combined with a community approach to addressing the common challenges faced in industrial production today.

Transforming Digital Manufacturing Business.

The Open Manufacturing Platform allows industrial manufacturers to work together to break down data silos and overcome the challenges of complex, propriety systems that slow down production optimization. By leveraging existing proven solutions, manufacturers can unlock the potential of their data, integrate industrial solutions more quickly and securely and benefit from the contributions of other community members while owning their own IP and data. 

  • The Open Manufacturing Platform is an open industrial IoT platform to accelerate production and logistics optimization efforts. 
  • Data standardization across data producers for faster insights correlation
  • Central auditability and dashboards
  • Data monetization opportunities through controlled sharing and ownership
  • Open source for OMP components

Community approach ensures requirement prioritization. All partners contribute and can shape the future of the platform, focusing on common industrial use cases and challenges.

Joint Digital Transformation

Future focused product vision that augments members’ unique domain skills.

Joint Innovation

Aligning technology visions to create industry-leading competitive advantage including joint deliverables and resources. 

Joint Accountability

Together, execute on detailed integration plans to deploy solutions under controlled risk.

Drive manufacturing innovation at scale.

Industrial robot removes a part

The OMP helps manufacturing companies unlock the potential of their data, implement industrial solutions faster and more securely, and benefit from industrial contributions while preserving their intellectual property and competitive advantages, mitigating operational risks and reducing financial investments

Jürgen Maidl

Senior Vice President Production Network and Supply Chain Management at the BMW Group