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BMW 330e Touring an Ladestation


As an e-mobility pioneer, the BMW Group is driving the expansion of charging infrastructure in all relevant areas: at home, at work, and along Europe’s main transport routes. The number of public charging points in cities is also increasing: Supermarkets, car-park owners and hotels are installing charging posts for their customers – while companies are doing the same for their employees. The mobility services offered by BMW Charging already enable customers to charge their vehicles at around 150,000 charging points worldwide – easily, conveniently and with full cost transparency. This ensures electric vehicle users are always conveniently able to reach their everyday destinations.


Refuelling at home.

The BMW Group provides its customers with a complete package for their individual charging set-up at home – from a wallbox with installation services to electricity from renewable energy sources, delivered through a link to the house’s own photovoltaic system. Thanks to smart charging logic, electric vehicles are automatically charged at times when they can take advantage of the best energy tariff, either in the garage at home or in a private parking space. The BMW Digital Charging Service also gives users full insight into their vehicle's energy needs and the current charging process, as well as an overview of all previously completed charging processes.



Eine Ionity-Ladesäule

IONITY high-power charging network

As initiator and founding member of the IONITY joint venture, the BMW Group is building a network of high-power charging stations along Europe’s motorways, together with Daimler, Ford and Volkswagen AG. These so-called ultra-fast charging points, with a charging capacity of up to 350 kW, are constantly being expanded and form the basis for the ideal of making "charging as easy as refuelling". These particularly high-power charging posts allow users to sufficiently recharge their electric vehicle in 20 minutes, about the time it takes for a coffee break. Using the BMW navigation system and BMW Connected app, users can easily plan their route to take advantage of these ultra-fast charging stations and find the best itinerary for an efficient trip.

Wide network

Construction of ultra-fast charging points along Europe’s main transport routes.

Faster charging

Output of up to 350 kW significantly reduces charging time compared to existing charging solutions.

Brand-independent compatibility

Brand-independent compatibility with all current and next-generation electric vehicles through the "Combined Charging System" (CCS).

E-Fahrzeuge in einer Tiefgarage


Intelligent charging control

The BMW Group enables its customers to charge their electrified vehicles as easily and cost-effectively as possible and minimise the associated emissions. Digital integration of electric vehicles into the power grid makes it possible to adapt the vehicle charging process to customers’ mobility needs, the stability of the network and the availability of renewable energies. 

BMW 545e xDrive an Ladestation

Charging using wallbox

High-performance wallboxes (high-power fixed charging stations for home use) enable electric vehicle owners to charge their vehicles conveniently at home.

Nahaufnahme eines Ladekabels, das in einer Ladesäule und in einem Auto steckt

Charging at work

The BMW Group is taking an active role everywhere electric vehicles are charged. By mid-2021, for instance, more than 4,100 charging points will be available across all BMW Group locations in Germany – about half of these will also be open to the public. Employees, customers, visitors and service providers will find ample charging options in car parks at BMW Group locations (mainly charging posts with an output of 11 kW, but also ultra-fast charging points with an output of 50 kW). By establishing a charging network, the BMW Group is helping ensure nationwide coverage with electricity filling stations and creating the conditions for widespread acceptance of e-mobility.


Ein roter BMW i3 in der Stadt
Ein BMW i3 vor dem Sonnenuntergang
Personen mit 2 Fahrzeugen an einer Ladesäule