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The BMW Group marks the occasion of its 100th birthday by focusing on the future. In this book, “THE NEXT 100”, issues of essential importance for the future are examined. These include: Where will mobility take us in the years and decades to come? What role will companies play in society? How and where will people live? What impact will digitalisation and globalisation have on our world? How can we continue to be the drivers of progress?

For “THE NEXT 100” the BMW Group invited experts and pioneering thinkers from industry, science, research and art to join it in debating and envisioning the future.

The book also provides a glimpse of the BMW Group’s future. The four future studies of the BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad brands are presented here for the first time in their entirety.

“THE NEXT 100” also looks at the history of the company, which has always been defined by a focus on the road ahead. The sheer enthusiasm for what it does has guided and sustained the BMW Group over these last hundred years – and the conviction that there must always be a more intelligent and more efficient way to do it.

These are challenging and exciting times when it comes to individual mobility. The BMW Group brands are already on the right track to play a decisive role in what lies ahead – just as we have done for the last hundred years.

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One company - many different perspectives.

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#1 Back to the future.

100 years of the BMW Group equates to 100 years of forward thinking. From the launch of the first aircraft engines in 1917, via the development of the BMW brand, all the way to the successful comeback of the MINI and Rolls-Royce marques, what we see unfolding is a panorama of the future of personal mobility. Focusing on the company’s milestones, the BMW Group demonstrates its identity as a trailblazer in its sector and beyond.

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#2 The Great Escape.

The BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 stands for the ultimate riding experience. Purist and minimalist in design and equipped with cutting-edge technology, it offers novice riders and seasoned bikers alike an analogue experience in a digital age.

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#3 Where do we go from here?

What could the future look like? And what opportunities will it offer? What are the challenges we will have to face? Detailed charts and graphics drawn from well-founded studies and forecasts portray the world as it might evolve.

#4 Meeting of minds.

Leading figures from the BMW Group and forward-thinkers from the fields of science, research and art come together to discuss the world as it is today and how it might be tomorrow: the ideal environment for inspiring thoughts and new perspectives.


#5 Every MINI ist my MINI.

The MINI VISION NEXT 100 does not spend the whole day waiting around for its owner. Instead, it is constantly on the move, providing the MINI community with flexible mobile solutions. Sharing rather than owning is the Vision Vehicle’s pioneering and sustainable answer to the question of the future of urban mobility.

Where is the BMW Group headed?

#6 Where is the BMW Group headed?

How will the BMW Group evolve over the coming decades? Our author talked with company executives and senior staff from the brands about the challenges that lie ahead. The upshot is an anthology of imaginative and visionary ideas.

#7 Fast and curious.

Automated personal mobility was the invention that defined the 20th century like no other. That was only made possible by the bold inventions and futuristic modes of transport dreamt up by resourceful engineers, fantasy writers and sci-fi movie directors.

Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100.

#8 The Grand Sanctuary.

The Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 builds on the core values of the founders of the “best motor car in the world” and takes the next logical step by combining these with bold ideas for the future. The vehicle offers its passengers a private retreat and at the same time a stage for a grand arrival – driven and guided by a “digital chauffeur”.

The end of  the world was yesterday.

#9 The end of the world was yesterday.

A compilation of scholarly essays presents various visions of the future. Far from the customary apocalyptic scenarios, the experts here agree on one thing: many of our problems could be resolved if we made greater use of our creative powers.

Out of the box.

#10 Out of the box.

A host of surprises from the BMW Group Archives, all reflecting the ingenuity of the company and its brands. Not every concept made it to production, but each constitutes part of the dynamic that regularly feeds the BMW Group with creative impulses – and will do so over the next 100 years of progress and innovation.


#11 The Ultimate Driver.

BMW stands for the fascination of sheer driving pleasure – and will continue to do so over the next 100 years. The BMW VISION NEXT 100 focuses on the person behind the wheel and turns him or her into the Ultimate Driver. The background story of the development of the vehicle and the pivotal considerations of its designers.