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Future Views - Mobility is becoming versatile

Mobility is becoming versatile.

Mobility is becoming versatile.

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It is already foreseeable that vehicle ownership will no longer be enough, in many cases, to fulfil the changing, individual fundamental need for mobility. This is due to mobility barriers, such as heavy traffic and congestion, on the one hand, and the lack of parking in cities or traffic restrictions in busy areas due to pollution, on the other. Even if a vehicle uses alternative drive technology, the necessary infrastructure is often lacking.

Today, the choice is mostly between individual mobility and other forms of transport – which usually involves giving something up. But people want the right mobility for every situation. Car and bike sharing are already established in cities, but the perfect combination of all different possibilities is needed to create the appropriate offering – especially since switching from one method of transport to another often involves considerable effort. Multimodal routing, automated booking and a standardised payment system already offer solutions for some aspects, but are not completely harmonised.

At the same time, the demand for mobility is also growing from a qualitative perspective. Since time will be one of the scarcest resources in the future, getting from A to B will no longer be the only criterion; the experience of the journey will also be increasingly important: Should the priority be to get there fast? Safely? Economically? In a relaxed, fun or entertaining way? With passengers? Working, communicating or sleeping? For this reason, the BMW Group takes its approach to mobility far beyond the product and supplements its offering with services that enhance mobility.

In its vision for the future, the mobility offered by the BMW Group will be completely effortless, always available and individually customisable. In the future, the BMW Group aims to keep people mobile in the best-possible way. 

A DriveNow vehicle standing in front of a coffee shop.
A man and a woman look for a car in their smartphone.
Close-up of a BMW i3 as part of the DriveNow fleet.
Skyline with iconographic representation of ChargeNow stations.
ParkNow app on car cockpit
Close-up of a board computer with intermodal routing.
The electric City Surfer standing in front of an orange MINI.
A BMW i3 in Copenhagen
A blue line of light leads up a flight of stairs