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Future Views - Connectivity is becoming second nature


Mobility is becoming tailor-made.

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The world of the future will be connected. Many different areas of life will be linked and take advantage of the exchange of information. The degree of connection between human and vehicle will take on a whole new dimension. For example, the car will be able to receive remote instructions it will perform independently; it will also know who is about to use it and gear itself perfectly to its passenger.

Vehicles communicate with one another and with the infrastructure, creating self-regulating traffic that is much more efficient. The vehicle is aware of road hazards; understands how traffic light phases are adjusted for traffic management and takes advantage of phased lights, for example; reserves a parking space or charging station; makes a service appointment; is able to receive deliveries and can even handle chores or its own service independently. Drivers receive all relevant information in the vehicle or remotely. The vehicle also knows its driver’s preferences and makes restaurant, cinema, music and shopping recommendations, or suggests a fun route for them to drive themselves, according to the situation.

Other areas of life, such as the smart home, also communicate with driver and vehicle. The vehicle ensures that home is always ready for arrival; at the same time, it is also connected to the energy management system, so that the battery in the car can be used as buffer storage, for example, based on the consumption profile. In the future, connectivity will be completely natural, as the BMW Group converts electronic data into intelligence to make life better. 

Presentation of a connected infrastructure examplified with the traffic light displayed on the board computer
Multiple screens of the ParkNow app
Schematic presentation of the BMW Group auto-pilot
View from a windshield including the presentation of connected mobility data
Connection of a BMW i3 with a smartwatch
BMW Group Smarthome application on a TV
Augmented Reality information of the digital companion
Cockpit of a self-driving BMW in a car park
Spread of electrical BMW Group vehicles on a world map
Engine block of an electric BMW getting charged by induction