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Future Views - Technology is becoming human

Technology is becoming human.

Technology is becoming human.

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A technology is only as good as the benefits it offers. People and technologies are changing fast. The BMW Group ensures that this progress also advances human development.

The benefits of a certain feature are often restricted, or even negated, by less-than-intuitive operability. In the future, it will be important that technologies are geared not just to the person themselves, but also to the situation in which they find themselves. In many areas, this is easy to recognise – for instance, with collaborative robots at BMW Plants Spartanburg and Dingolfing and many other BMW Group locations. The robots work hand in hand with their human colleagues in complete safety without protective barriers, imitate human behaviours and respond in a way that humans intuitively understand. The situation will be similar in many other areas in the future – for example, in the case of fully-automated vehicles, which integrate themselves into traffic in an entirely natural way that is familiar to other road users.

Digital assistants engage with people at appropriate times and in a form that is convenient for them, taking advantage of previously unused communication opportunities – for example, to address the pre-attentive consciousness and subconscious. These assistants no longer require any control, instructions or adjustments, but anticipate, adapt and make suggestions – acting like a trusted and empathetic companion. In this case, it is not the human learning to operate machines – instead, the machines are learning to serve the human. The BMW Group’s vision of the future includes digital assistants and chauffeurs that understand humans and interact with them in an individual way.

A finger presses the control button of a BMW instrument board
A robot arm does supporting work at a BMW Group plant
Close-up of an instrument board
Gesture control of a BMW board computer
A man parks a BMW i3 with gesture controls
Cars drive past other cars on a blue lane
A couple looks at the digital companion‘s information on the windshield of the BMW Vision Next 100
A BMW cockpit with enhanced field of view
With the help of Augmented Reality the car becomes see through
A head-up display projects helpful information on the street