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BMW Group - The Next 100 Years - Future Views - Energy is becoming emission- free

Energy is becoming emission- free.

Energy is becoming emission-free.

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Environmentally-friendly use of energy plays a key part in the BMW Group’s vision of the future. The impact of climate change will be noticeable and people and nations will commit to use environmental resources responsibly.

The BMW Group assumes a part of this global responsibility and is aware of the role it has to play. The shift from automobiles with combustion engines to electric vehicles powered by energy from renewable sources is an important step, but not the only one – since a vehicle’s ecological footprint must be considered throughout the entire lifecycle and not just the usage phase. It is therefore crucial to develop concepts that are efficient throughout the entire value chain.

BMW i symbolises precisely this holistic approach, with vehicles that are purpose-built for electro-mobility: utilising renewable energies in production and conserving resources by using renewable raw materials. But this is just the beginning. The long-term goal is to create a neutral cycle: from procurement of materials, through production, usage and recycling. This is something the company is working on every day. The BMW Group’s vision is to build environmentally-compatible vehicles with renewable energies.

View of a wind turbine at dawn – Leipzig plant.
Birds-eye view of the hydroelectric plant in Moses Lake
Panorama of the natural biomass plant in Rosslyn.
A fleet of BMW Group plug-in-hybrids on a parking lot.
A woman driving the world‘s first fully electrically-powered BMW Group maxi scooter.
View of the BMW Group production line.
Presentation of the BMW Group emmission technology in a see through car.
Methane gas plant at the BMW Group production plant Spartanburg
Cockpit of a BMW i3 from recyclable materials
BMW Group employees test the renewable materials used in the production.