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Future Views - Responsibility is becoming diverse

Responsibility is becoming diverse.

Responsibility is becoming diverse.

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In the future, it will not only be essential for global companies like the BMW Group to continue to take responsibility for the environment, but also for the people directly or indirectly in its sphere of activity. One aspect – concerning both the company’s international workforce of more than 100 different nationalities and people connected with its various locations – is to promote intercultural exchange and improve lives.

The unique cooperation between the BMW Group and the United Nations Alliance of Civilisations has presented the “Intercultural Innovation Award” since 2011. More than one million people in more than 88 countries already benefit from the projects it has promoted.

The BMW Group aims to be the best employer for its associates, offering optimal working conditions. This ranges from modifying production processes to an ageing workforce to flexible working hours, new forms of organisation and coordinated professional and vocational training. In all locations where the BMW Group has operations, it will continue to use its expert knowledge and its associates’ know-how for the common good.

The BMW Group already supports more than 200 environmental and social projects in over 42 countries. The BMW Group is, and will remain, a company that takes responsibility. It engages in various projects involving its associates and local communities to maximise its impact in the future.

A multicultural team working at the BMW Group
BMW Group employees working in a greenhouse
Winners of the intercultural innovation award
An asian family receives clear drinking water from the BMW Group
Four children from China that have received aide from the Warm Heart Fund.
Exoskeleton being set up.
A group of BMW Group employees talk about their results
A BMW Group employee doing homeoffice
A photographer at the coast
Aerial view of the visitors of a BMW Group cultural event
Performance at BMW TATE LIVE