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Human resources and social policy

Human resources and social policy.

Our employees are the foundation on which the success of the BMW Group is built. We offer secure, attractive jobs and comprehensive development and qualification opportunities. We act as a role model in offering diverse working-hours models as well as our equal pay standard. At the start of 2023, we became the first German company to receive a top-level “Fair Pay Leader” certification. At the same time, we actively engage with legislative proposals in the areas of labour and social policy.

We at the BMW Group are committed to respecting internationally recognised human rights and also aim to exceed the minimum standards in terms of the working conditions we offer. This aspiration is not limited to our own factories; we also make every effort to ensure that these standards are met worldwide along the entire supply chain. We of course consistently comply with the applicable labour protection laws worldwide as well as setting our own, higher standards for improvement in this area.

We are a globally active company that values the diversity of our workforce. People from over 100 nations work together at BMW Group. They bring a wide range of perspectives, experience, and expertise to their daily work, thereby strengthening our innovative capabilities and our competitivity. In 2011, the BMW Group signed up to the Diversity Charter, pledging to create a working environment that is free of prejudice. Because we feel it is important to shape change in a sustainable manner, we strive to inspire more women to pursue technical careers as part of our efforts for the promotion of young talent. The proportion of women in the company has been increasing continuously for many years, and we continue to set ambitious goals in this respect. For example, BMW Group aims to ensure that at least 22 per cent of management roles are held by women by 2025.



We are committed to respecting human rights and the related environmental standards.


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