Page Overview: Trade and market access.
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Trade and market access

Trade and market access.

The BMW Group is a global company with 30 production sites worldwide and an international supplier and distribution network. BMW Group products are sold in 140 countries. Securing our supply and distribution chains and our strong focus on exports require free access to third markets and open trade channels.

The BMW Group supports the liberalisation of trade and free trade at global scale. We also advocate for the reconsideration of particular barriers to trade, provided that doing so would not affect human rights, labour protection standards or sustainability aspects. In addition, the BMW Group supports de-escalation in global trade relationships and strong trade and investment agreements with partner countries all over the world.

BMW Group requests an open, rule-based trading system from the EU that creates a level playing field for local and foreign companies. Despite current geopolitical developments, we must endeavour to achieve global standards on the basis of openness, transparency and shared values. Common sustainability standards should be an inherent component of every free trade agreement.



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