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Digitalisation concerns all areas of the mobility sector. We continuously offer our customers new opportunities to use digital services and automated driving functions. Digital progress has reciprocal effects on our products: it opens up new opportunities but also presents new challenges, e.g. in relation to cyber security as a result of the increasing connectivity of vehicles. The BMW Group is committed to ensuring our customers can enjoy the best possible digital experience – always taking into account the underlying data protection and cyber security requirements.

As a globally active company, we are focused on establishing uniform, legally compliant framework conditions. These should be sufficiently agile and flexible so that they do not impair innovative capability while also allowing us to take full advantage of the benefits of digital progress. In this context, we must always comply with the respective vehicle approval guidelines as well as the relevant cyber security requirements.

We also take a stringent Security by Design approach when it comes to digital applications, eliminating areas that are open to attack, for example in the transmission of vehicle data. To ensure vehicle cyber security, BMW Group implemented the BMW CarData secure data transfer platform from 2017. BMW CarData gives BMW and MINI customers full control over the transfer and use of their vehicle data and enables them to transmit this data to other partners without delay.

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