From Sun City to Sin City. THE FOURTH WEEK OF OUR #X7ROADTRIP (4/5).

04. April 2019
ca. 4 minutes

Our BMW X7 road trip through the US enters its fourth week. This is a very special one, as we drive from the Sun City of El Paso to the Sin City of Las Vegas. Stay tuned to the BMW Group News Forum for travel diaries and to learn more about the BMW X7 and our company in the United States.


We leave El Paso today to dive deep into the west as we head toward Phoenix, Arizona. You might wonder why we don’t stay longer in “Sun City”, but we have no worries – because Phoenix is said to have even more sunny days than El Paso. What could possibly go wrong?

Our journey takes us through four different states: Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada. Even though we were expecting sunshine in this region, the epic gray skies and the light on the first quarter of today’s eight-hour drive was just perfect for taking pictures. And at least there was no rain. 


The route that was put together for today’s trip is simply awesome. No matter where you take the BMW X7, you always find yourself on a movie set. It takes a lot of experience to pick out the roads for a perfect road trip: Scenery, logistics and driving experience are just some of the things to consider. The whole trip so far has been planned to perfection, so you wouldn’t be surprised if the BMW crew were responsible for the sun showing up just in time when we find our spot to shoot.

The words “Wild West” bring to mind several movies, set among the giants of the desert: The saguaro cactus stands up to 60 feet tall and, depending on its size, a single plant can weigh up to 4500 pounds. The carnegiea gigantea can reach an age of 200 years and is mostly found in southern Arizona. The famous cactus even made it onto the state license plate. 


After a short stopover in Phoenix, Arizona, we embark on a historic journey along probably the most famous road in the world: Route 66. The BMW X7s will cruise along an 88-mile stretch of this legendary road. In total, today’s trip will clock up more than 364 miles on the way to our final destination.


Interstate highways certainly made traveling a lot easier and faster, but there was a downside: Small towns that thrived from travelers driving through were bypassed and left with no financial income and, worse, no future and no hope.

However, there was one such town where a man named Angel Delgadillo refused to accept his destiny. Instead, he stood up and fought against all odds. He was sick of the government telling him he should just leave and build a new life somewhere else. This was home and he wouldn’t watch it die. He founded the “Association of Route 66” and after almost ten years he finally convinced the government to create the “Historic Route 66”. Since then, tourists have started to return. Today, Delgadillo is known as the “father of the mother road”. Without him, nobody would remember Route 66


After we made the BMW X7 part of Route 66 history, we left Arizona behind and drove into Nevada. To be more precise, we are only a few miles away from today’s final destination, Las Vegas. 



The first ever BMW X7 took off on an adventurous 5 week road trip in the USA starting in Spartanburg, South Carolina, home of the biggest BMW Group Plant in the world and ending in beautiful Palm Springs, California. Stay tuned at the BMW Group News Forum for the upcoming travel diaries and learn more about our company in the United States. 

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The road trip continues: The first ever BMW X7 starts into the third week of its five week journey across the US. This time we are on our way from Houston, via Big Bend to El Paso. Stay tuned to the BMW Group News Forum for upcoming travel diaries and learn more about our company in the United States.