The first week of our #X7Roadtrip.

13. March 2019
ca. 4 minutes

The first ever BMW X7 took off on an adventurous 5 week road trip in the USA starting in Spartanburg, South Carolina, home of the biggest BMW Group Plant in the world and ending in beautiful Palm Springs, California. Stay tuned at the BMW Group News Forum for the upcoming travel diaries and learn more about our company in the United States.


The International Media Launch and the start of the first ever X7 coast-to-coast road trip is going down in Spartanburg, South Carolina — not only the birthplace of the X7 but also home of the biggest BMW Group plant in the world with an area of over 7 million sq. ft. and more than 11,000 associates. Since “the Germans” set foot in Spartanburg they have had an enormous impact on the whole region and today nobody can imagine Spartanburg without the BMW Group.

Just ask Steve Wilson! The Media Communications Specialist at BMW Group can tell you every detail about every single bolt ever put in a car in Spartanburg. He told us how the BMW Group gave the community a family feeling and made the whole region feel like “HEIMAT” (“home”) to everyone.

Chad Cabaniss is an “old member of the BMW Group Spartanburg family”. Even though he looks like he might have been 5 years old when the plant opened up in 1994, he was actually one of the first 100 associates. The Technical Planning Assembly Department Manager spent more than half of his life at the BMW Group.


At precisely 8:00 a.m. the convoy starts rolling. Even though it’s a bit rainy and cloudy, the first group of journalists from Germany, Ireland, and the UK is super excited to test drive the first ever X7. The first stopover of the X7 road trip is at the Charleston Maritime Museum, where the USS Yorktown salutes the journalists and crew as they came in for a short lunchbreak.

While some of the journalists enjoyed a lunch and interesting discussions with BMW Group experts, the others produced content such as photos and videos. The ever-so helpful Mount Pleasant Police Force sent Officers Mike and Rick to assist the crews by blocking the road, among other things. Thanks guys, we really appreciate it!

After a sometimes-windy-sometimes-rainy-sometimes-sunny day, Savannah, Georgia welcomes everyone with mild weather in the 60s (16° C). The first part of the X7 coast-to-coast road trip was as exciting as expected, yet there was one thing missing: sunny skies. But as we prepare to leave Savannah the sun comes out, highlighting the beautiful lines of the X7 and calls us to hit the road. Off to Florida, the Sunshine State. The drive out of Savannah turns into a stunning sightseeing trip. Founded in the early eighteen hundreds it quickly gained importance. The port made the city rich and you can still see that historic wealth within the beautiful breathtaking architecture.


The first 100 miles are a little goodbye to the beautiful State of Georgia. It’s impossible to take your eyes off these unique looking trees. The Spanish moss hanging from the oaks gives the scenery a fairytale feel. And when the sun breaks through the clouds it leaves you speechless. Today’s lunch break is held at St. Augustine Beach at The Reefs. This location was picked wisely, as after a short break we are hitting the road — or to put it better, hitting the ‘off-road’. The highlight of today’s trip leads the X7 group on a three-mile cruise by the sea. The structure of the sand provides a pavement feeling but also gives the journalists a first impression of the X7’s off-road skills.

After a sandy beach experience in the sun, we then experienced another Florida classic. The tour takes us through the swamps which are beautiful in their own way. With around 380 miles under our belt and a big smile on everyone’s faces we reached the next destination: Orlando. 


Orlando to Houston: The second week of our #X7roadtrip (2/5).

In the second week of our adventurous, five-week road trip across the USA in the BMW X7 we are on our way from Orlando to Tallahassee. Stay tuned at the BMW Group News Forum for upcoming travel diaries and learn more about our company in the United States.

Houston to El Paso. The third week of our #X7roadtrip (3/5) .

The road trip continues: The first ever BMW X7 starts into the third week of its five week journey across the US. This time we are on our way from Houston, via Big Bend to El Paso. Stay tuned to the BMW Group News Forum for upcoming travel diaries and learn more about our company in the United States. 


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