Joined forces in the field of future mobility.

22. February 2019
ca. 2 minutes

Harald Krüger, Chairman of the Board of Management at BMW AG, outlines an exciting future for urban mobility: 

Imagine you want to travel from Los Angeles to Berlin. In the morning, you drive your car to the airport. A parking space has already been reserved close to the gate so the vehicle can charge while you’re away. Your flight has already been booked and when you arrive in Berlin, a car-sharing vehicle awaits to take you to your hotel. Once you check in, you decide to explore the city. At your fingertips are the tools to organise a ticket for public transport and use ride-hailing or alternative concepts, such as a bike or electric scooter.

That is how we see urban mobility services of the future: as a seamless ecosystem that provides relevant options to choose from to get from A to B by linking various forms of mobility in a holistic approach. These days, we see a change in the needs and desires of our customers — especially in urban areas. But new challenges demand new ways of doing things and new alliances.

That is why the BMW Group and Daimler AG are combining their expertise and mobility services in brand new joint ventures that will revolutionise the future of urban mobility. Using digitalisation and its opportunities, together we are creating a strong new global player for customers. We want to be at home in every metropolis and create the ideal mobility offering in as many cities as possible. Our joint approach will create the perfect mobility portfolio and lay the basis for new solutions.

For you as a customer that simply means more choices. However you want to reach your destination, we offer you a tailor-made proposal for your individual needs. In the beginning, you will have a total of 14 mobility services at your disposal — right there in your smartphone. They even complement each other very effectively and can be easily combined be it from ride-hailing and car-sharing to parking and charging solutions, or intermodal mobility and public transport. 

We are starting with an existing customer base of 60 million active customers. They can look forward to a seamless mobility ecosystem, the expansion of electrical vehicles and last but not least, autonomous driving in the future. All of this will be instantly available and easily managed with a tap on your mobile device. The result: Mobility will be fully connected, seamlessly integrated into the digital world and perfectly aligned with our customers’ needs and wishes.   

This approach makes the joint ventures different from existing ride-hailing or carsharing providers. Our vision is to become one of the leading global providers of innovative mobility services — a true game changer for urban mobility.

Together, we’re dedicated to taking mobility for you, our customers and for cities all over the world to the next level. 


Harald Krüger

Harald Krüger and Dieter Zetsche
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