Popup on central screen in the vehicle

When your BMW reminds you to #StayHome.

09. April 2020
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“We all have a role to play": Dubai Police asks BMW Group Middle East to inform customers to “Stay Home” during Coronavirus disinfection period through BMW ConnectedDrive.

During these uncertain times, it is vital to stay positive and help wherever we can. For the sake of our health and the stability of our local communities, we must continue to fight COVID-19 globally as one. As a company, we have always been accessible to support local communities worldwide. We all have a role to play, therefore it is important to understand that each little contribution or gesture made to our communities, is one step closer to ending this pandemic.

BMW Group Middle East were approached by Dubai Police to support in reaching out to all Dubai-based BMW customers through our ConnectedDrive system and reminding them to stay home during a nation-wide disinfection campaign.

The UAE has taken several steps in the last few weeks in an effort to slow down the rate of COVID-19 infections. The disinfection campaign, which will cover a total of 95 roads and various public facilities commenced on March 26th, with the end goal of curbing the spread of the outbreak. It has been launched in collaboration with various government entities, aimed at ensuring the health and safety of all members of society.

Around 30,000 BMW customers in Dubai received an alert on their HMI screens when starting their car, stating that they should “Stay Home during the disinfection period”. BMW ConnectedDrive makes this possible. Not only is it a great system for navigation guidance, in-car entertainment and driving assistant systems, it is also a fantastic tool that can be used to support key initiatives during a crisis and keeping our customers informed in special cases such as this. Dubai Police posted about this new emergency information tool on their social media channels this weekend, which has generated positive engagement.

The disinfection campaign has been rolled out daily for the last 2 weeks, taking place from 8pm to 6am. However, Dubai Municipality announced that the campaign has now been extended to 24 hours a day until mid-April, which is subject to renewal.

This BMW Group project is a fantastic example of a great hand-in-hand collaboration between the A, C and E resort within our company. After being approached by Dubai Police, and despite it being a weekend, we were able to send the emergency message to the first over 18,000 BMW owners in Dubai within 24 hours. This shows our true customer-centricity.

Popup on central screen in the vehicle

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