Leading-edge design has a new home.

14. February 2019
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With its unique architecture and exhibition spaces, BMW Welt in Munich draws visitors from around the globe. It certainly provides a fitting stage for exceptional automobiles and the latest developments in the field of mobility. Soon, there will be even more to satisfy design aficionados – when BMW Welt opens an exclusive presentation area created by two leading designers.

BMW Welt has long provided BMW Group fans with a space for exceptional experiences. Here, everyone can encounter the company’s brand diversity up close. Now, the BMW brand’s top models are being showcased in a newly-designed creative ambience. The new space concept, with its outstanding and unique design, is every bit as impressive as the vehicles themselves. Together, they embody the luxury of self-determined individuality.

Milan-based architect Patricia Urquiola and Adrian van Hooydonk, head of BMW Group Design, have joined forces to create this exceptional space for BMW’s current top models. In a specially designed exhibition area, the BMW 7 Series, BMW 8 Series and BMW X7 play a starring role, highlighting the powerful combination of progressive luxury and creative excellence.

Adrian van Hooydonk and Patricia Urquiola in Interview
BMW interior


Patricia Urquiola and Adrian van Hooydonk have known and appreciated each other’s work for years. Urquiola was happy to accept the invitation from Munich, because she shares the same idea of luxury as the BMW brand. Throughout the redesign of the exhibition area, the focus was always on creating a space where visitors could relax and contemplate the latest high-end BMW models.

One of the unique highlights is the 322-square-metre floor, created using state-of-the-art 3D printing technology and terrazzo, a mixture of cement and coloured stone chips poured to create a continuous surface with natural and organic lines. Curtains made of metallic mesh and a lounge with originals by Patricia Urquiola frame the unusual presentation area and round off the innovative design.

These days, luxury equates to time, explains Adrian vanHooydonk – and time spent in the car is becoming increasingly important and more personal. The surroundings should therefore be designed to make this time as pleasant as possible. “Freedom” is another word Patricia Urquiola likes to use to describe what luxury means for her. This freedom defined the entire cooperation and is also reflected in the new exhibition area.

One BMW model, the BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupé, has been a particular focus of the two designers’ artistic work: It combines the same luxury with a strong sense of freedom and an exclusive finish reminiscent of mystic and poetic northern lights. It was this design highlight, in particular, that inspired Patricia Urquiola throughout the process. The result is a modern and inviting world of experience characterised by a feeling of warmth.

“What I admire most about Patricia’s work is that she approaches design from a human perspective. The products she creates are exquisite pieces and luxurious surroundings – but she always makes them very warm, human and personal,” added Adrian vanHooydonk.

The ultimate interaction between vehicle and exhibition design creates an atmosphere that showcases the uniqueness of the BMW luxury models and opens up a dialogue of forms. Visitors to BMW Welt will immediately have the chance to experience this for themselves in the exhibition “Progressive Luxury meets Creative Excellence”.

BMW 8 series Coupé
presentation area

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