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Connected, individual, personal: the future ecosystem “myBMW”.

09. September 2019
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Mobility will continue to evolve in the future. Access to digital services and personal mobility offerings are becoming increasingly important for many customers after purchasing their vehicle. This has prompted the BMW Group’s move towards a complete portfolio encompassing vehicle, services, lifestyle and offerings from partners and third-party providers.

Since the dawn of the digital age, the BMW Group has sought to tackle the challenges it presents and play an active role in shaping its course. The company’s aim has always been to seamlessly transfer the customer’s digital lifestyle into their car and enhance their personal mobility. With this in mind, the BMW Group is committed to evolving from a carmaker offering comprehensive vehicle purchasing and ownership services into a premium mobility services provider. The future myBMW ecosystem combines the full range of BMW Group products, customer services and digital services into a customer-centric portfolio covering all aspects of personal mobility. myBMW has been conceived as an ever-present companion for customers, fans of BMW and anyone wanting to find out more about what the brand offers. It provides personalised and perfectly tailored service and mobility solutions whenever and wherever required. The myBMW offering is split into three categories: MY LIFE, MY JOURNEY and MY CAR.

MY CAR – all things vehicle-related.
The MY CAR section unites all services relating to the acquisition of the customer’s car, as well as its specification and characteristics.

MY JOURNEY – all things individual mobility-related. 
MY JOURNEY offers customers an array of options designed to make planning and structuring their journey seamless and straightforward from start to finish.

MY LIFE – merging lifestyle and mobility requirements.  
The third and most personal category, MY LIFE, makes it easier for customers to integrate their mobility needs seamlessly into their lives. MY LIFE offers everything from information on BMW events and loyalty programmes to potential smart home connections.

The growing range of digital, individual mobility solutions.

The BMW Group is keen to create a seamless, customer-centric offering. Back in 2016 the BMW Connected app arrived to serve as an interface between the vehicle, the driver and their surroundings. One of the key advances brought about by digitalisation of this kind is the transformation of the vehicle itself into a digital touchpoint. Thanks to the BMW Connected app and its link-up with the BMW Open Mobility Cloud, the BMW Group is already in a position to provide its customers with personalised and contextual information. Here, the latest-generation BMW Operating System 7.0, which is fully digital and focuses even more closely on the customers’ personal needs, also plays a crucial role inside the car. The result is a seamless interaction between digital services – both inside and outside the car.

Today’s customers are already given a BMW ID, the personal digital customer profile which stores their preferred settings, information and services. The BMW ID keeps customers connected via all the BMW Group’s digital channels – using the web, the BMW ConnectedDrive Store and their smartphone.

The launch of the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant in March 2019 marked the next step in the ongoing development of the company’s in-vehicle digital armoury, heralding a new era in which customers are able to operate their car, access its functions and obtain information simply by speaking.

In the future, BMW will make a selection of relevant products and services available via myBMW across all touchpoints as part of a personalised, customer-focused approach.



Collaboration between the two companies underlines the significance of cloud-based AI for the BMW Group. Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft Corp., Scott Guthrie, Executive VP of Microsoft Cloud + AI Group, and Guy Duncan, Head of Development Digital Services BMW Group, speak about the firms’ successful work together as technology partners since 2016 and their new joint projects.


Digitalisation is one of the driving factors behind the transformation of individual mobility. The BMW Group is pressing ahead with systematic digitalisation across all areas of the company, continuously improving processes throughout the value chain. Achieving the best results possible depends on having the right tools – and this includes highly-advanced computers. Both scientific organisations and corporations are now developing a new, considerably more powerful tool – the quantum computer.


For now, electric vehicles are still the exception rather than the rule. This is mainly due to poor charging infrastructure and a lack of incentives. It is for this reason the BMW Group sees collaboration with cities as a tremendous opportunity. And because electric vehicles cannot reduce congestion on their own, mobility services are another important part of the concept.