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Working at the BMW Group

Write automotive history with us.

Dedicated employees who deliver top performance.

With its brands BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce, the BMW Group is the world's leading manufacturer of premium automobiles and motorcycles as well as a provider of premium financial and mobility services. It has roughly 125,000 employees in over 140 countries worldwide.

To meet our high standards today and in the future, we need to have the best employees on board. For us, this is about more than good grades or a university degree. We want to attract employees to the BMW Group who perform their work with enthusiasm and team spirit. We believe that job satisfaction is the foundation for personal and business success within the BMW Group.

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What we offer.

Our employees work hard and the BMW Group works hard for its employees. In line with this principle, we have put together attractive benefit and reward packages for our employees.

Performance is rewarded at the BMW Group. We offer our employees performance-related pay that far exceeds legal and collectively agreed requirements. In addition to holiday pay there are special allowances (a Christmas bonus above the general pay scale) and the opportunity for employees to participate in the company's success through profit-sharing, which - provided targets have been met of course - is paid out once a year.

Saving for retirement is becoming more and more important particularly for the younger generation. The BMW Group offers all employees an attractive occupational pension, funded by the company. We also offer employees the option of additional capital formation through preference shares and PVK (Persönliches Vorsorge Kapital, personal pension fund), which is only available to BMW Group employees and allows them to build up a personal pension fund with added tax advantages.

Obviously, BMW Group employees have the opportunity to drive their very own BMW or MINI on particularly attractive terms.

Because well-trained employees are our most valuable asset, we systematically support employees in their careers and we aspire to fill job vacancies predominantly with qualified personnel from our own ranks. We actively support you in qualifying for roles at a higher level and for international assignments. For this reason, you will have regular meetings with your superiors to discuss your career objectives and appropriate development measures. Our HR and training departments offer:

  • Vocational training up to management qualifications
  • Professional development programmes, e. g. project management or an MBA (Master of Business Administration) qualification
  • Personal development training, e. g. moderation and working techniques
  • Intercultural programmes that go far beyond language training courses

Striking a healthy balance between work and personal life is important to us. It keeps us motivated and productive in the long term and thus contributes to our company's success. We support our employees in this aim: through flexible working time models, with care obligations towards dependants, assistance with child care and provision of services and facilities promoting fitness and health.

Our working time models vary depending on job, length of service and location. We give special priority to the needs of women and men who wish to devote more time to the family on a temporary basis and also to employees with care obligations towards dependants. Far beyond the legal requirements the BMW Group offers employees the possibility of working flexibly, for example:

  • Flexible full-time models: the options for full-time employees range from flexitime days through non-working shifts and sabbaticals of between one and six months to the "Full-Time Select" scheme. This scheme offers full-time employees of the BMW Group the possibility of taking up to 20 additional days' holiday each year with corresponding reductions in pay, provided certain conditions are met
  • Part-time models including the individual planning of child care periods
  • Mobile working: it allows more flexible working in terms of location and time. You could put in a few hours of work at home in the morning, go to a doctor’s appointment and after that go into the office. Or you could get some exercise in the afternoon after a morning in the office, be there for your family and then take part in a conference call with colleagues from a different time zone in the evening from home: it is all possible, in consultation with your manager, at the German locations of the BMW Group
  • BMW family care leave

We help employees in Germany find suitable childcare, such as crèches, nurseries, nannies or au pairs. We also offer a number of day-care places through parent initiatives and local facilities we work with – and, since autumn 2013, a further 220 spots at our own BMW day-care facility in Munich. Employees with relatives in need of care can also receive counselling and assistance.

Besides our own company health insurance, the BMW BKK, with very good conditions and exceptional benefits (e.g. osteopathy, professional dental hygiene) we have our own company healthcare service. This offers:

  • Preventative measures, e. g. breast cancer screening or bowel cancer prevention campaigns in cooperation with BMW health insurance
  • Information on healthy eating, e. g. our canteens always provide details about the quality of dishes 
  • Information on how to manage stress
  • Health training, e. g. a cardiac sports group

In view of our older, experienced staff, we have launched the project "Today for Tomorrow". This is unique in the automotive industry and looks into demographic changes in everyday production processes. One of its aims is to examine age-related adaptations to the workplace.

The BMW Group offers fitness clubs at many locations. Facilities include:

  • Fitness, wellness and rehabilitation in a relaxed atmosphere 
  • Health-oriented training equipment 
  • Varied course programmes (including yoga) 
  • Special back exercises and relaxation programme

The BMW Group supports several employee initiatives. These include:

  • Sporting activities (dancing, tennis, sailing, football, bowling, cycling, squash, golf and many more)
  • Cultural offers (male-voice choir, chamber orchestra, Parforce horn-blowers and more) 
  • Special hobbies (amateur radio operators, aero sports, model railway, Dixie drivers and others)

Furthermore, employees and their families can visit many BMW-sponsored events in Munich at a reduced rate or even free of charge. In the booklet "Kulturmobile", which is published quarterly and is compiled by employees, we provide information about the cultural commitment of the BMW Group.

Temporary positions abroad. A global exchange of skilled workers and executive managers is common practice at the BMW Group. We support any employee who wishes to broaden his/her professional horizons abroad. You can count on our support and experience in planning and organising your international assignment. And we also make provisions for your re-integration: we stay in touch from Germany and make the necessary arrangements for your return.

It is also possible to apply for a permanent position abroad. Research and development is primarily located in Germany. Other functions, such as production, sales and marketing - to name just the most important - also have a presence abroad and offer positions there. As our foreign plants, sales companies and associated companies are separate entities, with their own HR policies, please apply directly to the site in question. Information can be found on the home pages of the various locations.



Ground-breaking innovations and unique products can only be created in an exceptional corporate culture. We actively encourage and develop this unique culture, because sustainable success can only be built on strong cultural foundations.

Passion and enjoyment.

The passion for forging new paths, thinking ahead and breaking new ground, is our common drive at the BMW Group. That is why we look for employees who want to do and experience something extraordinary. People who bring team spirit and initiative with them - and the will to continuously learn. With enjoyment and dedication a job becomes a personal passion. Something to be proud of, each and every day.

A team of cheerful people talking.

Teamwork and personal development.

Achieving great things together – and encouraging each other to go the extra mile to make our outstanding products just that little bit better. This is only possible when everyone contributes to the success of the team and teammates can count on each another.

Because we value and treat each other with respect, our employees are connected by a strong sense of unity. That is essential for a workplace where you can develop both personally and together to constantly redefine the future of mobility.


People talking.
People talking.
BMW Group employees talking.
People talking.
People talking.

Diversity at the BMW Group.

Two BMW Group employees talking in the BMW Group foyer.

A unique business needs unique employees.

The BMW Group is not just a multinational, but also a multicultural company. The variety of personalities and talents is the most important asset that a company has. An atmosphere of appreciation and equal opportunity with mutual respect and tolerance create the best conditions to benefit from this capital. From our diverse opportunities and our common passion, we create a great reservoir of creative ideas and innovative strength. At the same time, many opportunities, both professional and personal, open up for all our employees because we truly live diversity. Our flexible working environment, allowing a balance between work and a private life, is a matter of course at BMW. For men and women of all ages and all nationalities and cultures.

Our differences make us strong.

Frauen in der BMW Group.

Equal opportunity for men and women is our lived reality and not an empty promise - every day and everywhere. Because the different and complementary perspectives and approaches of our employees enrich our company and allow us to take on any challenge.

Women have complementary strengths.
Our talented female professionals and managers contribute significantly to the success of the BMW Group. It is not only their technical expertise and commitment, which we appreciate, but also their well-developed interpersonal skills that make for better team unity.

We are working on our feminine side.  
So that women are able to contribute most effectively, we offer them maximum freedom and support to apply their unique and valued abilities for the benefit of the company. This includes measures such as coaching programmes for women in leadership positions, special training or mentoring. We also support women in exchange and networking initiatives.

So that work and family go hand in hand.
Every single employee is able to achieve much with us, without his or her private life coming up short. We want to ensure that our employees have a real work-life balance. Therefore, we offer them comprehensive support to facilitate the reconciliation of work and private life and to have more time for family or hobbies. The measures are tailored to the individual needs and go far beyond the usual standards. For example:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Home office
  • Comprehensive childcare services
  • Additional days of holiday
  • Family breaks

Open to new perspectives worldwide.

BMW Group employees talking in front of a globe.

With roughtly 125,000 employees we are present in over 140 countries. Across all linguistic and cultural differences, a global team spirit connects us, something each and every employee feels from the very first day. At the same time, this multicultural diversity of perspectives is invaluable for the BMW Group.

Every nationality and culture enriches our company. The special mixture of different cultures, languages, and characters will help us in achieving our corporate goals. It helps us to better understand and address the specific needs of our customers in the various markets. That is why we encourage the development of an intercultural workforce and a multicultural exchange in our company.

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Working at BMW Group Munich.

Working at BMW Group Munich.

What BMW Group employees value about their employer.

What BMW Group employees value about their employer.

Multinational teams.

Multinational teams.

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