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The right application

Tips for your application.

Online – the best way to apply.

The only way to apply with us is online. There are two ways of applying online for jobs with the BMW Group through our online application system: via the Job Market or through the Job Assistant. This allows us to quickly and easily compare your profile with the requirements of our departments. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept applications by email, as a direct comparison of the data is not possible this way. For the same reason, we would also advise against a traditional postal application, particularly since delivery by conventional post takes a lot longer. So please use our application system for your online applications.

Choose your entry level.

Applications for apprenticeships are made online. You apply speculatively for available apprenticeships at the individual BMW Group locations. The Job Assistant will guide you through your application.

You are not sure which apprenticeship suits you best? Have a look what we offer:

Applications for dual curriculums are made online. The jobs will be posted online seperately. Find your study and apprenticeship first and then apply online directly:

Application process:

  • until 15 September: application period
  • 18 until 23 September: Online tests. The link will be sent to you.
  • from end of October on: Assessment Centers

Applications for school pupil placements are made online. The individual application process and placements depend on the different locations of the BMW Group. You can find all information regarding school pupils placements here: 

If you are applying for an internship, a final degree thesis, or a position as a working student, please include the following attachments in addition to the usual documents in your online application:

  • Intermediate examination certificate or pre-diploma as applicable
  • Current certificate of matriculation
  • Internet link to the examination rules of your course of studies (when applying for an internship or a final degree thesis)
  • Valid resident and work permits if applicable

You can apply directly for open positions for interns and working students that are posted in the BMW Group Job Market. But it is always worth applying speculatively as new jobs are constantly posted, which are also filled from the pool of applicants.

Jobs for students.

Come on board: we look forward to your application.


In addition to your school reports (university entrance qualification, overview of grades) you should include the following documents in your application: for each Bachelor's or Master's degree course, your transcript of records containing the ECTS grade and the Diploma Supplement (which you can obtain from your university).

Special requirements for recent graduates.

Apply online via the Job Assistant.

You can access the online application system either via the link "Online Application" in a job ad or via the Job Assistant link. To apply online using the Job Assistant you need to click on the link and register by choosing a username and password. After logging in you can create your profile in the system following step-by-step instructions.

Your data will be stored for as long as you like. You can pause the application at any time, and add or update data.When you have completed your application, please click on the button “Activate online application". Our HR team can only consider activated profiles when matching concrete job vacancies with possible candidates.

The Job Assistant helps you find the right job at the BMW Group.

The Job Assistant offers the following feature.

Under "Applications" you will find a summary of all the applications you have created. By clicking on "View" you can call these up at any time, continue working on applications you have started and view their current status.

If you wish to submit an unsolicited application, i. e. apply for a position that has not been specifically advertised, you will find different application forms here. Depending on the level of entry (e. g. school leaver and student) you can choose the appropriate form and then be guided through the respective menu.

If you would like to submit an unsolicited application for a permanent position, please follow this link to the fields for which we are continuously searching for talents."

The Job Agent is a type of search engine for jobs at the BMW Group. If you save your job search profile, you will regularly be notified by email via the "Job Agent" menu about new and relevant jobs ("Jobs found"). You can amend your search profile at any time ("Search profiles"). The Job Agent only notifies you about jobs that are available; there is no automatic application sent in relation to such jobs. If you wish to apply you need to initiate an application under the Applications section.

Under "Options" you are able to manage your user profile: here you can change your password or delete your account. Furthermore, you can specify, for example, for how long your search criteria should be matched with current job openings or how often you want to be notified about newly available jobs by the Job Agent.

The "Mailbox" contains all messages sent by the BMW Group regarding your application. You will, for example, receive a message when you are invited for an interview or when we require additional documentation from you. We will inform you by email as soon as there is a new message waiting for you.

Our selection process.

Depending on the applicant’s entry level and occupation they seek, we use various selection criteria and selection tools to assess candidates. By the way: school pupil placements are awarded only on the basis of your documents, i.e. without conducting a prior telephone interview or face-to-face interview with you.

Woman sitting on the floor with a laptop.
Telephone interview - young girl in front of a laptop.
Man gesticulates in conversation with another man.
Man and woman in conversation, with others out of focus in the background.


We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about applying to the BMW Group.

For further questions, please address our careers team contact persons. Our business hours are Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

You can contact us via telephone +49 (0)89 382 17001 or send us an email.

If you don’t yet have a contact name, we recommend that you contact the BMW Group’s recruitment team. You should address your letter “Dear Sir/Madam”.

If you are interested in more than one job, you can submit several applications in parallel in the Job Assistant.

Responding promptly to applications is a priority for the BMW Group recruitment team. We will notify you as soon as your application has been reviewed. However, due to the large number of positions and applications, an initial response may take up to 14 days.

Don’t worry if you forget your access data. Just send an email to the recruitment hotline or call +49 (0)89 382 17001.

This is not an automatic status – so it means that your application has been successfully received and is currently being reviewed.

If you are interested in a position at one of our international locations, you can find more information, including contact details, using the interactive location map.

For a technical pre-study internship, you need the examination regulations of your preferred course of study. For all other internships, you need to be a registered student or between your Bachelor’s and Master’s degree.

To complete an internship with the BMW Group, we should receive your application four months before you wish to start.

It depends whether you have already selected a topic or theme for your thesis – in which case, you can propose your topic to the BMW Group through a speculative application. If you haven’t decided on a topic, you can find interesting topics at our locations and in our divisions in the online job market.

For the protection of employees, the law governing part-time employment and fixed-term employment contracts stipulates that a fixed-term employment contract may only be fulfilled one time in the same company. Temporary posts include voluntary internships, positions as working students and fixed-term employment. You may therefore only fulfil each of these contracts one time at the BMW Group.

The most important factor in your application is the overall impression. This includes your skills, knowledge and character, as well as the grades you achieved at school and college. These are not the only decisive factor, but they should not be neglected. However, the final decision on your application will ultimately depend on an ideal mix of all these aspects.

It depends on the job you are applying for. Special requirements are always indicated in the job posting. However, all BMW Group apprenticeships require a basic school-leaving qualification.

The BMW Group only accepts online applications . You can apply through the Job Market or Job Assistant in our application system.