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Vocational training

Discover your strengths.


A BMW Group systems operator operates production equipment.

Apprenticeship concept – “TaLEnt".

“TaLEnt" is all about talent oriented learning and development. It is a special kind of training that promotes your talents and strengths and offers the best possible preparation for a future at the BMW Group. We offer you this concept in all apprenticeships at six plant locations. All you have to do is applying for the profession of your choice. The application period starts approximately one year before the start of your apprenticeship.

This is how "TaLEnt" works.

In the various apprenticeship modules, your trainer (f/m) is your permanent contact person. In regular talks, he gives you feedback about your development in everyday working life. This will give you ongoing orientation and support. In the first year of your apprenticeship, we provide you and all the other apprentices from different occupations with essential basic know-how. In the first year you’ll not only get to know your apprenticeship, but also get an insight into related job profiles. No matter which profession you choose - TaLEnt makes apprenticeship at the BMW Group very versatile and valuable for your personal development.

Infographic illustrating the TaLEnT programme.

Prerequisites for an apprenticeship with the BMW Group.

We generally require good school grades. In addition, we expect our future trainees to be flexible, open to change and happy to work as part of a team. If you also have a sense of responsibility, are ambitious and have a friendly and open manner, we look forward to receiving your application.


The following programmes allow you to simultaneously acquire both a vocational education and the entrance qualification to a university or university of applied sciences:

  • "Dual vocational apprenticeship with a university entrance qualification in Saxony (DuBAS)" at our plant location Leipzig.
  • "Dual vocational apprenticeship with a university of applied science entrance qualification (DBFH)" at our plant location Dingolfing.