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Page Overview: Dual studies - Mechatronics Expert combined with Mechanical Engineering Studies (B. Eng)



Mechatronics Expert combined with Mechanical Engineering Studies (B. Eng).

Is multitasking your thing? Then start your training as a Mechatronics Expert with integrated studies in Mechanical Engineering. In your studies, you will become an expert in product development, mechatronics and energy engineering. In the meantime, we will prepare you for your training in the areas of development, production, repairs and quality assurance. After 4.5 years, you will be an engineer (B.Sc.) and a mechatronics engineer - well equipped for your future.

What you will learn with us.

Our professional instructors will familiarise you with the latest measuring and testing equipment and will show you how to locate bugs in the system. Under the guidance of our experienced trainers you will learn step by step how to produce new parts for our plants, how to remove and install components and expertly adjust them to ensure their optimal performance. By the end of your apprenticeship you will be able to professionally handle the systematic testing, maintenance and repair of our high-tech plants and be fully prepared to tackle the diverse challenges that mechatronics experts face every day at the BMW Group. In the course of studies, you will visit modules such as machine elements, technical dynamics and control technology and you will become an expert in everything to do with production.

What you should have.

  • Flexibility and creativity
  • A feeling of responsibility
  • Enjoy working with high-tech machinery and systems
  • A mathematical-scientific and technical approach to problem solving
  • A spatial-constructive imagination
  • Enjoy mathematics, physics and English
  • A good general university entrance qualification

What you can look forward to.

  • Very good training remuneration
  • Security and excellent benefits
  • Flexible working hours and leisure time
  • Different and exciting tasks
  • A great atmosphere and a great team
  • Personal support with many development opportunities

Duration of training and studies.

4.5 Years.

What you can look forward to this after your dual studies.

After successfully completing your dual studies and obtaining your Bachelors, you are ready for your entry into the BMW Group.

The training and study process.

Der Ausbildungs- und Studienablauf.

Apply correctly.

If you would like to apply to the BMW Group, please follow the following steps.