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Page Overview: Dual studies - Vehicle Mechatronics Expert combined with Mechanical Engineering Studies



Vehicle Mechatronics Expert combined with Mechanical Engineering Studies (B. Eng).

Is the training to become a Vehicle Mechatronics Expert not enough for you? Then go the whole hog and get a valuable advantage with the dual degree in mechanical engineering (B.Sc.). In just 4.5 years you will learn everything to do with the recognised profession of a Vehicle Mechanic and expand your knowledge at the same time while studying Mechanical Engineering.

What you will learn with us.

As part of your studies you will learn how to apply the possibilities mechatronics and information technology offers to mechanical components to create new high-tech products. With us you can apply this knowledge and apply it to all areas of vehicle technology: mechanics, hydraulics, electrics and electronics. Our professional instructors will familiarise you with the latest measuring and testing equipment and will show you how to locate bugs in the system. The assembly and repair of all vehicle parts is of course also part of your training. Step-by-step you will become a true professional who demonstrates your abilities independently and works as part of a team with others every day.

What you should have.

  • An interest in cars
  • Enjoy working with technology
  • Enjoy craftsmanship
  • Enjoy working independently as part of a team
  • A mathematical-scientific and technical approach to problem solving
  • A spatial-constructive imagination
  • An interest in mathematics and physics
  • A good general university entrance qualification

What you can look forward to.

  • Very good training remuneration
  • Security and excellent benefits
  • Flexible working hours and leisure time
  • Different and exciting tasks
  • A great atmosphere and a great team
  • Personal support with many development opportunities

Duration of training and studies.

4.5 Years.

What you can look forward to this after your dual studies.

After successfully completing tyour dual studies and obtaining your Bachelors, you are ready for your entry into the BMW Group.

The training and study process.

Der Ausbildungs- und Studienablauf.

Apply correctly.

The application period for a dual curriculum starts on the 15.08.2018 and is anticipated to run until the 15.09.2018.

If you would like to apply to the BMW Group, please follow the following steps.