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A boost for recent graduates.

The BMW Group has a long tradition of promoting science and education. We support graduates with up to three years of professional experience when joining the BMW Group with various collaborations.
Our Cross Mentoring programme is primarily aimed at female professionals who we support when starting their careers at the BMW Group.

Cross Mentoring.
The aim of the programme is to support individual women in their first management roles. For one year, young mentees at the start of their careers are provided with a male or female mentor. In this way, women receive valuable advice and feedback from an experienced executive and in this way are supported in considering development opportunities.

The key to the Cross Mentoring programme is that mentor and mentee come from different companies. This means that other corporate and management cultures are also shared. Mentor and mentee meet every four to six weeks.

Networked mentoring.
The programme is supplemented with events and seminars which, in addition to interesting content, also provides important opportunities for the participants to network. Cross Mentoring is designed and coordinated by the consultancy firm, Cross Consult. Since the project was established in 2001, 13 other Munich companies now take part in the project along with the BMW Group.

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Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft (Foundation of German Business).

The aim of the Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft (sdw) is to create the best possible conditions for teenagers and young adults starting out on a successful and personally fulfilling career - and to encourage exceptional talents in their studies.

The Foundation was formed in 1994 on the initiative of the Bundesvereinigung der Deutschen Arbeitgeberverbände (BDA) 'Confederation of German Employers' Associations'. In the field of promoting gifted students, the foundation works using the 'Klaus Murmann Fellowship Programme' and the 'Studienkolleg' (college prep) programme. Students are supported with the 'Studienkompass' (study compass) programme and in the 'Schülerakademie' (student academy). The range of activities is supplemented by projects with school directors and companies.

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