AI is the beginning of a technical revolution that opens up new possibilities.

Mario leads a team of experts who deal with artificial intelligence and machine learning. We asked him to give us an insight into this current issue.

Mario, can you describe your career progression and in which area do you currently work at the BMW Group?

Mario: I completed my Computer Science studies in the BMW Group programme, which is roughly equivalent to today's SpeedUp-Programme.

I then worked for BMW Car IT as a software developer, initially in Munich and later in Ulm. I now work in developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the BMW Group in Munich and am involved in AI for autonomous vehicles as well expanding the team. We focus on today's driver assistance systems which offer comprehensive driver support. We develop these systems in such a way that the vehicle can move independently and reliably in many everyday situations.

What are the core questions that your team and you deal with?

Mario: An exciting theme is perception, that is the recognition of everything around the vehicle. However the vehicle needs to recognise more than its surroundings. Above all it also has to predict what other road sharers will probably do next. What happens, for example, when the vehicle recognises a person at a zebra crossing in an urban environment? Is he walking past the zebra crossing or does he want to cross the street? The vehicle has to draw the right conclusions in order to decide whether to stop at the zebra crossing or to continue safely.

What is the role of the artificial intelligence for the BMW Group as a whole?

Mario: Artificial intelligence is a key technology for many aspects of mobility. This includes, for example, creating road maps with static and dynamic content, predicting traffic volume, but also other personalised services such as intelligent ride sharing or natural language interaction with the vehicle. The BMW Group is proactive in all these areas in order to create an exciting customer experience.

With AI, computers can increasingly find solutions to complex problems that would have been unthinkable before. This is the beginning of a technical revolution that opens up new possibilities. The exciting thing about working with the BMW Group as a software developer is that you can experience technology live in the product.

You are looking for new colleagues. What skills are particularly important in your team and what can the BMW Group offer its employees?

Mario: Basically we are looking for colleagues who have a strong background and a passion for software development. In my team AI experience, especially machine learning, computer vision and robotics are important. We are also looking for experts in data engineering because we need huge amounts of well-prepared learning data for machine learning. At the BMW Group we offer an environment in which one can work together to solve one of the most exciting and difficult challenges of our time.

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