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ParkNow enables cashless payment for both on and off-street parking.

The future of parking in one hand: Skip the ticket machine and check-in with the in-app digital ticket.


ParkNow provides an overview of available on and off-street parking. For on-street parking, a digital ticket is activated by a single click in the app. At a garage, the parking transaction automatically starts and finishes with ticketless entry and exit. Billing is at the end of the month, with payment by direct debit, PayPal or credit card.

Illluminated parking sign over a parking space in garage.

Smartphone with ParkNow logo over a parking space outside a parking garage.

Smartphone with screens from the ParkNow app.

Woman using the ParkNow app on her smartphone with a BMW i3 in the background.

Our involvement with Parkmobile is the next step towards making ParkNow the world’s leading provider of premium parking services.

Joachim Hauser

Head of Automatic Driving and Automatic Areas

Did you know …

Shot of traffic in Munich.

… that up to 30% of city traffic in Munich comes from cars trying to find a parking space?

Cars parked under a street lamp on an autumn evening.

…that 55% of all cars in Berlin park outside on the street?

Smartphone with ParkNow logo over a parking space outside a parking garage.

… that ParkNow users save up to seven minutes every time they park? (No more looking for the ticket machine, finding change and displaying the ticket in the car.)

Park Now milestones.

Six important milestones for the ParkNow brand.

2018 BMW Group becomes the world’s leading provider of digital parking solutions.

In January 2018, the BMW Group has acquired Parkmobile, LLC, the leading provider of mobile parking services in North America. Parkmobile, whose brands also include ParkNow, serves 22 mio customers in more than 1,000 cities in Europe and North America. This makes the BMW Group the leading international provider of digital parking solutions.

2016 Park Now fully integrated in cars.

When a car parks on the street, ParkNow automatically recognises whether any parking fees apply and a digital parking ticket can be generated directly from the vehicle with a single click. The parking transaction is automatically ended and paid for when the car drives off. In addition, the ParkNow smartphone app provides an overview of parking time and costs at any time (available in BMW vehicles built after 1 Nov. 2016; requires optional Navigation system Professional and ConnectedDrive services).

2016 Park Now expands its services in Europe.

ParkNow has been available in Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland since 2016.

2016 BMW Group acquires Parkmobile Europe Group.

In April 2016, the BMW Group increased its stake in Parkmobile and acquired 100% of the Parkmobile Europe Group.
Parkmobile services can be used in other manufacturers’ vehicles, regardless of brand. Parkmobile is already offered by a number of different manufacturers, including Volvo.

ParkNow app on a black iPhone.
2015 BMW Group acquires a stake in Parkmobile.

On 8 January 2015, the BMW Group stepped up its commitment in the field of innovative mobility services by acquiring a stake in Parkmobile International Holding. With around 10 million customers in more than 600 cities around the globe, Parkmobile is the world’s leading provider of mobile on-demand payment systems for public parking. The partnership significantly enhances the ParkNow offering.

BMW Group representatives at the ParkNow launch in San Francisco.
2012 Park Now pilot launched in San Francisco.

On 21 August 2012, Dr. Ian Robertson (member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Sales and Brand BMW, Aftersales BMW Group) announced the launch of the ParkNow pilot project in San Francisco in the US.

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Smartphone with ParkNow logo over a parking space outside a parking garage.

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