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A DriveNow car next to a smartphone with an open DriveNow App.

Just around the corner: Find a car and off you go.

DriveNow is the flexible car-sharing service from the BMW Group that gives customers the opportunity to rent cars spontaneously when and where they need them.

Simply use the app to locate an available car, or pick one up spontaneously from the street.

Customers only pay for the time they use the car, then park it free of charge in almost any public parking spot within the business area when they’re done. DriveNow car-sharing includes the cost of fuel, repairs, pay and display tickets, car taxes and insurance. The customer card or app serves as key for the whole DriveNow fleet.

DriveNow vehicles driving past an airport terminal.

A DriveNow vehicle parked outside a bar at night.

Skiers unload a DriveNow car at the top of a mountain.

Woman charging an electric DriveNow car.

A DriveNow car driving by Big Ben.

A DriveNow BMW i3 drives through Copenhagen.

A DriveNow vehicle on the streets of San Francisco.

Various DriveNow models.

 DriveNow convertible crossing a bridge .

Using a customer card to open a DriveNow vehicle.

Woman using the DriveNow app to find a DriveNow car.


We have been able to double our customer base and become one of the world’s largest car-sharing companies just within the past year and a half. That shows that DriveNow has really struck a chord.

Sebastian Hofelich

Managing director of DriveNow

Did you know …

Looking over the shoulder of a DriveNow driver.

… that far more than one million customers worldwide already use DriveNow’s car-sharing service? (figures from October 2017)

DriveNow vehicle driving with motion blur.

…that a private vehicle is not in use for an average more than 23 hours a day and, during that time, only takes up parking space?

Several DriveNow vehicles standing behind eah other in a line.

…  that, as a DriveNow customer, you have access to a fleet of more than 6,000 cars? (figures from December 2017)

Man waving to his family as he gets into a DriveNow car.

…that 18% of 18-35 year-olds in Germany have a driving licence, but do not have a car at home? (Source: KIT 2014)

A DriveNow vehicle driving by high-rise buildings.

… that 40% of private households in Berlin do not own a car? (Source: TU Dresden, 2015)

Drive Now milestones.

Five important milestones for the DriveNow brand.

DriveNow launch in Copenhagen.
2018 DriveNow becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of the BMW Group.

DriveNow is a wholly owned subsidiary of the BMW Group since March 9, 2018. More than 1,000,000 registered customers find and reserve BMW and MINI cars using the DriveNow app to locate an available car, or pick one up spontaneously from the street and are able to use the service across multiple cities. DriveNow operates a fleet of 6,000 vehicles in 13 European cities. In all these cities, DriveNow also offers electric BMW i3 cars.

DriveNow launch in Copenhagen.
2015 DriveNow as franchise and all-electric in Copenhagen.

The first all-electric DriveNow fleet of 400 BMW i3 has been on the roads in Copenhagen since 3 September 2015. DriveNow Copenhagen is operated as a franchise by partner Arriva Danmark. 20,000 Danes registered for DriveNow within two weeks of the launch.

Man using a smartphone to find and open a DriveNow car.
2014 Smartphone is the key.

One costumer card was the key to unlock the car. Since September 15th 2014, customers can additionally open and close the vehicles via the smartphone app.

Photo of the DriveNow launch event.
2011 DriveNow launch.

9 June 2011 marked the official DriveNow launch in Munich. By the end of June, 300 MINI and BMW cars were available in the inner city. Today, that number is over 500, including the electric BMW i3.

Historic handshake to mark the founding of the joint venture.
2011 BMW Group and Sixt form DriveNow joint venture.

On 21 March 2011, the BMW Group and Sixt AG sealed their partnership with the formation of an innovative premium car-sharing service. In mid-2011, under the brand-name DriveNow, the companies introduced a modern mobility concept that combines premium-quality vehicles and services with simple and flexible usage. Cars can be hired spontaneously anywhere and dropped off wherever it suits the customer.

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More about Drive Now.

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DriveNow vehicle in an urban setting.

The DriveNow brand in the social media.