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MINI maximises your urban experience. Focused. Engaging. Inspiring.

Front view of a MINI Cooper S Clubman.

Maximise the experience while focussing on the essential.

Clever solutions with iconic design encourage a life full of meaningful experiences. MINI unlocks the city, catering to your individual needs.

MINI exudes passion.

MINI is straightforward, sincere and authentic. MINI blends creativity with cleverness, offering an open platform for people, design and a vibrant urban life. MINI’s spirited attitude to life inspires people.

A red MINI Cooper 3 Door.

A red MINI Cooper S 5 Door driving.

Cockpit of a MINI Cooper S 5 Door.

A yellow MINI Cooper with rear lights illuminated standing on a road at night.

Close-up of the rear end of the MINI Clubman.

Front and side view of the new MINI Clubman.

The MINI Vision Vehicle Superleggera.

Front view of the MINI Vision Vehicle Superleggera.

Rear view of the MINI Vision Vehicle Superleggera.

A green MINI Countryman driving full speed.

A green MINI Countryman driving over a bridge.

A MINI Cooper Cabrio driving past palm trees.

A MINI Cooper Cabrio driving past a city skyline.

A MINI Cooper Cabrio parked on a beach.

A surfer with a surfboard standing next to a white MINI.

Artist Geoff McFetridge standing next to a MINI he designed.

Cap with MINI logo lying on the passenger seat of a MINI.

A yellow MINI standing outside of Radio City Hall.

A red MINI Cooper at the International MINI Meeting.

An old MINI in Union Jack design.

Close-up of logo on a MINI headrest.

Woman looking at MINI Yours colours.

Three people sitting on different MINI Yours seats.

Two men designing MINI Yours products on a computer.

MINI Yours customisation options for the MINI cockpit.

A MINI Countryman standing on a ski-slope.

Silver MINI Cooper S participating in the MINI Driving Experience.

MINI at the 2015 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show.

Did you know …

Classic MINI Coopers standing in line on a conveyor belt.

… that the last classic Mini – number 5,387,862 – rolled off the production line in Longbridge on 4 Oct. 2000?

An old MINI Cooper standing next to a member of the new generation.

… that the current generation of the 3-door MINI is 76.7 cm longer than the original 1959 Mini?

A silver MINI Cooper driving full speed.

… that over 3 million MINIs have been sold since the relaunch in 2001? (updated 2014)

An elephant standing next to a MINI Cooper.

… that you can buy a MINI in 109 different countries worldwide?

Gymnasts looking out the window of a MINI Cooper.

…that 28 supple female gymnasts fit in the new MINI? (world record set in 2014 in Potters Fields Park in London).

MINI milestones.

Six important milestones for the MINI brand.

The first series-production electrified MINI.
Photo of the MINI E electric concept car.
A blue MINI Cooper of the newgeneration.
The first convertible MINI.
The first MINI Clubman.
Presentation of the first MINI Cooper models.

More about MINI.

A MINI Cooper S driving over a bridge.

The MINI brand in social media.