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Digital Energy Solutions

Digital solutions for the energy market of the future.

Digital Energy Solution

Energy management: economical and sustainable.

We reduce our customers’ energy costs at local level and across all locations using holistic and sustainable solutions based on state-of-the-art information technology.

Digital Energy Solutions – a joint venture between the BMW Group and the Viessmann Group.

Digital Energy Solutions uses IT to optimise the energy systems of industrial and commercial customers, bringing together the heating, electricity and mobility sectors in an overarching approach.   


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As well as cutting energy costs, we also enable our customers to be green-economy pioneers.

Markus Raich

Managing Director of Digital Energy Solutions

Did you know …

...that the BMW Group has reduced energy consumption per vehicle produced by a total of 36% since 2006?


...that, by 2015, the BMW Group already obtained 58% of the energy it buys from third-party providers from local, renewable sources, using in-house energy management?

BMW Group

...that the BMW Group plants’ entire electricity supply is expected to be CO2-free by 2020?        

Viessmann Group

...that our partner, the Viessmann Group, already meets the German Federal Government’s energy and climate goals for 2050 at its headquarters in Allendorf using technology available on the market today?

BMW Group

…that flexibility will become the currency of the future energy environment? Decentralised generation and increasingly distributed input of electricity from renewable energy sources means that demand will have to be geared more towards generation.

Digital Energy Solutions milestones.

Three milestones for Digital Energy Solutions.

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Digital Energy Solution