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Side view of a BMW i8.

BMW i takes another step towards the future.

BMW i represents a holistic and ground-breaking approach that is redefining sustainable premium mobility – combining electric drives, innovative materials and technologies in revolutionary concepts for the future. The focus is on a new understanding of premium that is defined by sustainability throughout the entire value chain.

BMW i offers sustainable, customer-oriented mobility solutions.

Visionary BMW i electric vehicles lead the way in alternative drive trains, lightweight construction and aerodynamics – promising sustainable premium without sacrifice. Their futuristic shapes and forms combine renewable and recycled materials in an inspiring overall design. These products are complemented by BMW i mobility services, such as DriveNow, ChargeNow and ParkNow.

Interior design of the BMW i8.

BMW i3 charging at a wallbox.

BMW i8 standing in a solar carport.

Rear view of a BMW i with eDrive emblem.

A BMW i8 driving through citylights by night.

BMW i8 with open scissor doors in front of a city skyline.

A family climbs into a BMW i3 after shopping.

Close-up of a BMW i3 front-end.

A BMW i3 and a BMW i8 driving next to each other on a road.

Looking inside a BMW i Brandstore.

A BMW i8 safety car on a racetrack.

Smartphones displaying ConnectedDrive App.

ConnectedDrive shown as application on a smartwatch.

ConnectedDrive with range display.

Drawing illustrating the vehicle architecture of the LifeDrive module.

BMW i3 as an escort vehicle at the Berlin Marathon.

Several BMW i3s standing at a charging station in a car park.

BMW i interior using alternative and renewable  materials.


BMW i is our incubator for visionary mobility: It's where the major future technologies come together for the first time. In addition to electromobility, autonomous driving, high-end connectivity and digital services are combined in BMW i to show how we’ll be travelling in the future, before these technologies are implemented in the other BMW Group brands.

Pieter Nota

Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Customer, Brands, Sales

Did you know …

Machines used in BMW i production with carbon fibre rolls.

… that the carbon fibres used in a BMW i8 would stretch around the globe 20 times? (825,000 km).

BMW i interior with recyclable materials.

… that 95% of materials used in a BMW i3 can be reused?

Close-up of BMW i seat covers made of nearly 100% recycled polyester.

… that the fabric seat upholstery is made from virtually 100% recycled polyester, 34% of which comes from PET. That is the equivalent of 53 recycled bottles.

A strand of thin carbon fibre.

… that a carbon fibre of 0.007mm, is about one-tenth the diameter of a human hair?

Wind turbines outside of BMW Group Plant Leipzig.

… that all the electricity needed for BMW i production at Plant Leipzig is generated by four wind turbines on site?

BMW i milestones.

Four important milestones for the BMW i brand.

Presenting the BMW i8 with Laserlight.
Presenting the first BMW i3.
BMW i3 DriveNow car in a city.
Photo of project i launch event.

More about BMW i.

A BMW i3 and a BMW i8 driving along a road.

The BMW brand in social media.