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BMW. Driving pleasure has a name.

Seitliche Ansicht einer BMW 3er-Limousine eDrive

Driving pleasure – that is what drives BMW.

BMW creates driving pleasure from the perfect combination of dynamic, sporty performance, ground-breaking innovations and breath-taking design.

BMW is dedicated only to the driver.

BMW’s passionate promise for the future is born from the unique history of reinvention. BMW doesn't just build cars. The brand’s innovations and exceptional design create emotion, enthusiasm, fascination and thrills.

BMW i3s Edition

BMW 1er

BMW 4er Cabrio

BMW 2er

BMW 5er Limousine eDrive

BMW 2er Cabrio

BMW 7er Limousine eDrive

BMW 5er Limousine

BMW X1 eDrive

BMW m340d xd

BMW 330d

BMW M5 Coupé

BMW 530e


BMW X3 xdrive


BMW Concept iX3

Did you know …

A 1972 BMW Turbo standing in front of the BMW Group buildings.

...that the BMW Turbo released in 1972 was the first car to incorporate ground-breaking vehicle-safety innovations? ABS, renewable crumple zones, radar distance sensors and many other features that didn’t become standard equipment until years later.

Navigation system projected onto the windscreen as HUD.

… that the software in a modern luxury car like the BMW 7 Series has more than double the number of lines of software code (approx. 100 million) used in Windows 7, which has approx. 40 million lines?

Photo of the BMW E1 electric car unveiled in 1991.

… that the BMW E1 prototype unveiled for the first time at the 1991 Frankfurt Motor Show is considered the world’s first real fully-fledged modern electric car?

Close-up of the xDrive logo on a BMW.

…that one in three BMWs is delivered with xDrive all-wheel-drive?

Early advertisement with the BMW “Sheer driving pleasure” slogan.

… since 1973 all advertising for BMW automobiles and motorcycles has featured the slogan “Sheer driving pleasure” still used today?

BMW milestones.

Five important milestones for the BMW brand.

A silver BMW X5 standing in a white room.
Front view of a BMW 5 Series.
An early model of the BMW “New Class”.
A red BMW 507 Convertible with the roof down.
Three BMW 328s with race numbers standing next to each other.

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