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#nextgen - driving the mobility of tomorrow.

Welcome to the #NEXTGEN: Discover how the BMW Group breaks new ground with future technologies, services and products.

In this way, the company is expanding its global commitment to international auto shows and tech and future fairs with a regular independent format for individual mobility “made by the BMW Group”. In addition to world premieres of new models, a particular focus will be on experiencing the latest technological developments from all D+ACES levels of the company:
Design, Autonomous Driving, Connectivity, Electrification, Services.


BMW Motorrad Vision DC Roadster – The electrical awakening of the boxer engine.

Discover what the #NEXTGEN has in store.

Automated Driving.

How about taking the BMW 7 Series out for a spin – and watching a film or even closing your eyes for a while? The BMW Group makes all this possible – and is providing a glimpse of autonomous driving at #NEXTGen.

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BMW IconicSounds Electric.

Hans Zimmer is known worldwide for his film music. He has composed countless soundtracks for Hollywood and won numerous awards. Now Hans Zimmer, together with Renzo Vitale, sound designer at the BMW Group, has composed the sound for the BMW Vision M NEXT in his London and Los Angeles studios. 

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Electrification - A thrilling formula.

Electrification of production vehicles and cars for the racetrack – intensive technology transfer between the two makes Formula E the ideal “tech lab” for the BMW Group’s key future projects. At the same time, BMW i’s pioneering role in electrification is also delivering racing success.

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My Mobility Services.

With the joint mobility services of the BMW Group and Daimler AG, we provide the answers to current and future mobility requirements, especially for major cities. Digitization is the key to opening up new possibilities for more individual mobility. Perspectively, additional mobility offerings based on fully-electric and self-driving fleets will be available. These fleets will be available on-demand, self-charging and automatically parked, and will be able to connect with other modes of transport by road and rail. 

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With its roots in the industrial design world, Designworks has over the course of more than forty years established itself as a world-class independent design consultancy that drives innovation. It is owned by BMW Group and is part of the company’s toolbox: an inspiring, thought-provoking studio that splits its workload between BMW Group and external clients. Here, its president Holger Hampf reflects on the studio’s ongoing influence – as well as its role in the future of the ever-changing industry of transportation and mobility.

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Venturing into new Tech.

BMW i Ventures is the BMW Group’s venture capital unit for investing in fast-growing technology start-ups. The aim of this unit is to make financially attractive investments that create strategic value added for the BMW Group.

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Designing for tomorrow.

BMW Group Design is already shaping how we will experience Sheer Driving Pleasure in the future. The innovative fields of Autonomous Driving, Connectivity, Electrification and Services (ACES) will open up totally new opportunities and experiences – and, at the same time, herald a paradigm shift in the automotive industry. The BMW Group views design as the key to this future: It gives shape to areas of innovation and brings technology to life.

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The beginning of a new generation: our world premieres.