BMW Group Italy


One of the topics that was discussed in detail during this year's One Young World summit in Bogotá was the topic of social inclusion, with particular focus on the integration of disabled members of society within working spaces. Of particular interest here was the "#valuable" initiative presented by Caroline Casey. In the follow-up discussions to the summit, a group of delegates decided to commit themselves to working to integrate this topic in the broader BMW Group discourse on future work environments. In connection with this, I just by coincidence ran into an interesting and notable activity that may interest those who want to work and support this approach.

BMW Italy has started the "SpecialMente" initiative, with focus among others on the topic of social inclusion. Here it has for example positioned itself as a partner of the Italian Federation for Paralympics and Experimental Sports. BMW also is the technical sponsor for the European Para Youth Games. Another initiative that BMW partners with is "Sciabile", which aims to give children with all types of disabilities the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of skiing. BMW Brand Ambassador Alex Zanardi is a partner in many of the social inclusion initiatives carried out by BMW Italy.