Cool maths app.

The BMW Group and the “Joblinge” initiative have developed an app that helps even math-averse teenagers qualify for technical vocations.

Maths lessons were never really his thing. “Just plain school,” says Nasir. But the maths app turned out to be something completely different. Hardly surprising, because “instead of having young people solve equations or fractions, the app concentrates on rough calculations, three-dimensional thinking and x equations [N1] – basically, things they actually need in real life working with us,” explains Johannes Weiss, who is responsible for training production mechatronic engineers at the BMW Group and played a big part in deciding the content of the maths app.

The aim of the “Maths as a Mission” app is to qualify young people for the demands of technical vocations – in the fastest time possible, in a fun and effective way. Because the target audience is an important aspect of the Joblinge initiative: The six-month programme prepares disadvantaged, unemployed youth for the world of work, so that they can go on to find themselves a job or an apprenticeship at one of the organisation’s partner companies. The award-winning Joblinge initiative was founded in 2008 by The Boston Consulting Group and BMW AG’s Eberhad von Kuenheim Foundation and has already helped more than 6,500 young people across Germany enter the workforce.

Nasir likes the maths app BMW Group developed in conjunction with Joblinge participants, because it is flexible and fun: “You can use it on the go, or work as a team to help each other.” Nasir was one of the first to try out the new app last year – and is now well on his way to becoming a chemical technician at Provadis.

At the LERNTEC education fair in Karlsruhe, the “Maths as a Mission” app, under the patronage of Federal Minister Prof. Dr. Johanna Wanka, won the “delina” innovation award for digital education in the category “society and lifelong learning”.

The idea of teaching content in a way learners feel comfortable with could also inspire other educational institutions. Joblinge certainly already has new plans. “The next step will be to develop a digital learning concept for our target audience to ensure that our Joblinge participants are even better prepared for the changes from digitalisation in the job market,” explains Kadim Tas, managing director of the Joblinge umbrella organisation.