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If you want to change something, you have to tackle it - The One Young World Summit London.

18. November 2019
ca. 6 minutes

How can global challenges be jointly overcome and how can each and every one of us contribute to positive change in society? This was the subject of intense discussion among the 2,000 young talents from the worlds of business, NGOs, academia and politics gathered at the One Young World Summit in London in late October. The summit's tenth anniversary brought together delegates from more than 190 countries to discuss topics such as sustainability, education, human rights, leadership culture and corporate social responsibility. The aim was to inspire future decision-makers and self-starters, raise their awareness and motivate them to launch their own initiatives and make connections.

The BMW Group was represented in London by 36 young employees, as well as Peter Schwarzenbauer, the former member of the Board of Management responsible for Transformation and Electromobility, who gave the keynote speech. The opportunity to attend the summit was important for another reason: The four-day conference is held at a different location every year – and, in 2020, the One Young World Summit will be hosted in Munich, with the BMW Group as the main sponsor.

Peter Schwarzenbauer with colleagues

Peter Schwarzenbauer with our colleagues from the Accelerator Programme after presenting their “Polycycle” and “Trusted Mobility” projects at the One Young World Summit 2019 in London.

Every effort makes a positive contribution.

The summit’s inspirers and counsellors include many well-known personalities, such as musician Sir Bob Geldof, Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Muhammad Yunus, primate researcher Jane Goodall and author J. K. Rowling. Their speeches from the stages of the Central Hall Westminster and the Queen Elizabeth II Centre alternated with many intensely emotional contributions from speakers, including human rights activists such as Yeonmi Park and Breshna Musazai from Afghanistan. Keynotes by company representatives from the BMW Group, Siemens and Unilever also underlined the role of companies in society.

Together with former Board of Management member Peter Schwarzenbauer, four young BMW Group employees presented their projects, which they launched on their own initiative in an effort to make the company's business processes more sustainable. According to Schwarzenbauer, their examples show that every single person has the chance to change something in the world: “It doesn’t matter whether you tackle a big project or a small one. The most important thing is to tackle something! Every effort makes a positive contribution.”

Here you can see the speech of Mr. Schwarzenbauer.

One Young World Summit London
One Young World Summit London

The “Trusted Mobility” team created a global standard for training, rating and supporting ride-hailing drivers. The aim is to make on-demand mobility and the job of the driver safer and more attractive, especially in developing countries. 

The BMW Group Accelerator Program.

The four employees were the winners of an internal contest organised by the BMW Group’s Accelerator Programme, which encourages employees to develop their own ideas and initiatives into feasible business processes and supports them with straightforward startup approaches. Two of the employees representing the company in London developed “Trusted Mobility”, a global standard for training, rating and supporting ride-hailing drivers, designed to improve acceptance of on-demand mobility worldwide and make it safer and more attractive. The other two highlighted the opportunities of the circular economy with their project “Polycycle”: They developed all process chains to enable floor mats to be completely recycled in a closed loop.

One Young World Summit London
One Young World Summit London

The “Polycycle” team's project uses floor mats to illustrate the possibilities of a circular economy and make a statement against linear consumption.

The examples show that ample opportunities for more sustainable development can be in found in business processes – when there is initiative and commitment. According to Schwarzenbauer, it is important to maintain a balance between the three big Ps: planet – people – profit. “We can only lead society into a better future by balancing the demands of each of these three players.” 

Further information on the global future forum "One Young World" can be found here.

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