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As an international mobility company, we constantly have our finger on the pulse of innovation.
This means exciting, informative and emotional topics relating to products, services and technical progress are always on the agenda.
We naturally want to share these with you and will be presenting selected highlights in our BMW Group Blog on a regular basis. This will give you an insight into the many different topics that drive the BMW Group. Every week, you can read new stories about the company and learn more about current economic, social and technological trends and innovations. The full spectrum of BMW Group topics awaits – exclusively prepared for you in exciting interviews and articles.

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the bmw i4 on a road

We don’t see reduction as doing without.

07. February 2021

Oliver Heilmer, Head of MINI Design, on the added value of reduction to essential aspects.

New sales and marketing strategy

New sales and marketing strategy.

15. January 2021

Interview with Pieter Nota, Board Member – Customer, Brands, Sales, on digitalisation, the new sales and marketing strategy and the industry’s best customer experience. 

the bmw i4 on a road

Focus on the transformation.

14. December 2020

The BMW Group is actively shaping the mobility transformation and is in the midst of a progressive transition. The evolution of the BMW 3 Series from 1975 until the BMW i4 of 2021 is a fitting metaphor for the BMW Group’s unrelenting drive.

graphics our future of servicing

“Well done, BMW!”

27. November 2020

+++ Added convenience for customers and dealers +++ Service consultant to perform remote diagnosis via mobile data +++ Satisfied customers, a lighter load for dealers +++

bmw charging

Full charge.

09. October 2020

For customers, charging and refuelling are a necessity: you do it to keep your car running. For carmakers they hardly seem to offer much opportunity for a USP: after all, a plug has to fit a socket just like a nozzle does a fuel tank – it’s what the customer expects. Understandably, however, customers are not all that interested in the details of setting up and operating the charging infrastructure. 

BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt

Ten startups for increased sustainability.

29. September 2020

The BMW Group has set itself ambitious sustainability targets to be reached by 2030.The company not only wants to set a good example, but also increase public awareness of the topic of sustainability – and relies on the startup accelerator RESPOND.

Wasserstoff Worldtour

FIZ NORD INNOVATIONS: Eight groundbreaking innovations – made in the FIZ.

24. September 2020

The first electric motor and hydrogen-powered vehicle fleet, the controversial iDrive, progressive topic clusters such as EfficientDynamics and ConnectedDrive, and NightVision – these are just a few of the many innovations generated in the FIZ. We present eight forward-looking ideas.

Frank Weber

“I live one hundred percent organic.”

22. September 2020

Frank Weber, BMW’s new Development head, talks about his ecological lifestyle, the cars of tomorrow and rival Tesla.


Into virtual worlds.

11. September 2020

The BMW Group uses gaming technologies: No, the BMW Group is not developing its own race simulations with sporty BMWs (find out more at At least, not yet. But it is using the same simulation technology: game engines now support collaboration between sites and provide the basis for decisions around the future, for instance by allowing users to work on new models or production systems in virtual environments.

Sustainable solutions for CO2 reductions

Sustainable solutions for CO2 reductions.

09. September 2020

As part of the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015, the EU committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40 percent up to 2030 compared with 1990. Designed to avert the most serious consequences of climate change, the Agreement sets out to reduce global warming to well below 2 degrees. It was ratified by 185 of the 197 nations at the World Climate Conference and also won the voluntary commitment of the BMW Group, which has reduced CO2 emissions from its vehicle fleet in Europe over the years by roughly 40 percent between 1990 and 2019. Realising all three aspects of sustainability — business, environmental and social — remains a key driver within our company.

All electric BMW models on a street

Full speed ahead for e-mobility.

20. August 2020

The BMW Group has a clear goal: to reduce CO2 emissions from our vehicles by 40 percent per kilometre driven up to the year 2030. This will require a large share of the fleet to be electrified. By 2021 e-mobiles are expected to account for a quarter of the fleet in Europe, rising to a third by 2025, and half by 2030. 

Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management of the BMW Group

No premium without responsibility.

27. July 2020

The BMW Group is making sustainability and resource efficiency central to the company’s strategic direction. Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Oliver Zipse, announced initial details of this strategic direction and presented the targets the company has set itself for the phase up to 2030. The BMW Group is building on a strong foundation: Over the past years and decades, the company has repeatedly set standards in terms of sustainability. The principle of continuous improvement will remain at the heart of the strategy to reduce CO2 emissions and increase resource efficiency.

E-drive production line

E-drives for half a million vehicles: How the BMW Group is stepping up the pace of e-mobility.

02. July 2020

The BMW Group has been making e-drives in Dingolfing since 2013. Now, production of the fifth generation begins. The company is massively increasing capacity and opening a separate Competence Centre for E-Drive Production. Up to 2,000 employees will build BMW e-drives here for as many as 500,000 vehicles per year.

Oliver Zipse giving a speech


30. June 2020

In an interview with the BMW Group Media House, BMW AG Management Board Chairman Oliver Zipse explains the BMW Group’s ambitious goals and outlines what aspects of sustainability will be the key focal points in the future.

Gears from the 3D printer

The Additive Manufacturing Campus: Vehicle parts directly from the printer.

25. June 2020

The BMW Group opened its Additive Manufacturing Campus for business. The new facility will be the central hub for production, research and training in 3D printing. The BMW Group is a leader in the field of industrial-scale 3D printing, and already produced and fitted over 300,000 “printed” components last year.

Dr. Markus Schramm, Head of BMW Motorrad

Future Of Autonomous, Connected, Electric, And Shared Performance Motor Bikes - The BMW Motorrad Way.

17. June 2020

In an interview with, Dr. Markus Schramm, Head of BMW Motorrad, talks about the future of the brand, the role of electric mobility on two wheels and explains why technologies for autonomous driving and driving pleasure are not mutually exclusive.

BMW 2er Gran Coupé drawing

Creating a BMW design sketch.

15. June 2020

In this video, exterior designer Anders Thogersen shows how design sketches of new vehicles are created at the BMW Group. As an example, he creates a fascinating drawing of the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe, stroke by stroke, and invites viewers to try it for themselves.

Mr. Nota

“There are millions of people in the EU whose mobility behaviour is ideally suited to a plug-in hybrid vehicle.”

10. June 2020

In an interview with the BMW Group Media House, Pieter Nota, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG for Customer, Brands, Sales talks about the advantages of the plug-in hybrid, the technology’s future and about what he expects from legislators. Because he is sure: “Our plug-in hybrids combine the best of two worlds.”

Michael Würtenberger

Artificial intelligence not just a pipe dream.

3. June 2020

Michael Würtenberger, head of “Project AI” at the BMW Group, talks to newspaper DIE WELT about artificial intelligence and how this key technology is already being used across the company. 

Formula E


15. May 2020

Electrification of production vehicles and cars for the racetrack – intensive technology transfer between the two makes Formula E the ideal “tech lab” for the BMW Group’s key future projects. At the same time, BMW i’s pioneering role in electrification is also delivering racing success.

bmw cockpit

Upgrades for half a million BMW vehicles – quick and easy to install, like on a smartphone.

8. May 2020

Everyone knows how to update their smartphone – and the same concept can now be applied to the latest generation of BMW vehicles: Using Remote Software Upgrades, enhancements and new functions can be uploaded quickly and easily over the air.

BMW i model at charging station

Two hearts are better: Plug-in hybrids are sustainable and flexible.

6. May 2020

For many customers, the combination of a combustion engine and an electric drive is the perfect solution. If a hybrid is used right and mainly drives electrically, the environmental benefits really come into their own.

A meadow with trees, in the background a wind turbine

BMW Group reaches important milestone in climate protection in 2020.

22. April 2020

A pioneer in climate protection, the BMW Group continues to pursue its ambitious goal to lower CO2 emissions. Efforts cover the entire value chain to achieve effective climate protection by combining the right products with the right manufacturing. Renewable energy in plants coupled with innovative charging concepts for vehicles are consistently reducing the carbon footprint of the company and its products.

Popup on central screen in the vehicle

When your BMW reminds you to #StayHome.

9. April 2020

“We all have a role to play": Dubai Police asks BMW Group Middle East to inform customers to “Stay Home” during Coronavirus disinfection period through BMW ConnectedDrive.

Oliver Zipse

“Health of people and stability of economy should never be pitted against each other.”

3. April 2020

“We’re in a strong position to face this challenge, says BMW CEO Oliver Zipse in an interview with the BMW Group Media House. But he also emphasizes: “No company can possibly get through something like this unscathed.”

BMW Hydrogen NEXT

Sheer emission-free driving pleasure. All that remains is steam.

2. April 2020

“The hydrogen fuel cell technology could become the fourth pillar of our powertrain portfolio in the long term,” says Klaus Fröhlich, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for Development. To drive development of the technology forward, the BMW Group is releasing a small series based on the current BMW X5 onto the roads in 2022. 

Alessandro Zanardi

Alessandro Zanardi: “There are aspects that we can use as a starting point for a better life for every one of us”.

1. April 2020

World-wide, societies are facing a difficult and challenging situation. In many areas, life has come to a halt at the moment and people are urged to stay at home to prevent the spread of the corona virus. The current situation causes sorrow and grief for many people. Someone who has experience with difficult situations is BMW works driver and brand ambassador Alessandro Zanardi (ITA).

BMW i3

Sustainability as corporate strategy.

27. March 2020

The BMW Group is currently undergoing a fundamental process of transformation that brings both opportunities and risks for the company. The car itself, more than anything, is being transformed – from a product that could be considered pure hardware to part of the connected world of mobility. From this perspective, sustainability plays an especially important role in modern mobility. That is what makes sustainability such a vital aspect of corporate strategy and the business model.

A navigation system with a highlighted eDrive zone


13. March 2020

Electromobility is especially important in urban settings, where it can improve air quality. With electric ranges of up to 80 km, BMW’s PHEV models can manage most commutes without the help of a combustion engine, and, thanks to the latest battery cell technology, range will only continue to increase. At a time when more and more cities are considering so-called “low emission zones”, the BMW Group is making another important contribution to boost electromobility and make it even more attractive – with BMW eDrive Zones, a digital service that is the only one of its kind worldwide.

The BMW Concept i4 in a landscape in front of a mirror

Our first fully-electric Gran Coupé.

04. March 2020

The BMW Group is ushering in a new era with its pure electric Gran Coupé, the BMW Concept i4. The electric drive train has arrived at the heart of the brand – heralding a new age of sheer driving pleasure.

Health at BMW group

At the BMW Group, green means healthy.
Integrated approach to health and nutrition in the working environment.

21. February 2020

Long-term health – who doesn’t want that? It is certainly a very important topic for us as an employer. Health is our most valuable asset as human beings. We regard it as the basis for individual performance and personal enjoyment of life. That is why we have firmly established health-related topics in our corporate strategy as an element of social sustainability. Our vision is “best in health”, where two aspects always go hand in hand: circumstances and behaviour. Circumstances means organising the working environment in the best way possible for employee health, while behaviour is mainly about individual responsibility. We aim to convince people that it is worth living a healthy life.

BMW i3


03. February 2020

When it comes to building cars, sustainability is a major consideration for the BMW Group. Electric vehicles, in particular, should meet this standard throughout planning and production, as well as during their use phase. Every BMW electric vehicle must deliver a better carbon footprint throughout its lifecycle than a comparable vehicle with a conventional drive train – from procurement of raw materials, to supply chain and production, to the use phase and recycling. Through a partnership with the Straus Organic Dairy Farm, the BMW Group is now taking sustainability to the next level: using green power to drive its vehicles and, at the same time, reduce agricultural greenhouse gases.

A group of young people studying

The power of education.

24. January 2020

To mark the United Nations International Day of Education on 24 January 2020, the BMW Group announced that it will support one million children and young people worldwide through targeted educational projects and programmes by 2025.

BMW i3

The BMW i3 six years on.

17. January 2020

The BMW i3 has been leading a new era of mobility since November 2013: an era of sustainability, driving fun and intelligent connectivity. For more than six years, the BMW i3 has been a key contributor to electromobility’s growing attractiveness.

BMW i3 Interior Vision

Change Your Perception: How will we drive in the future?

08. January 2020

The big themes at this year’s CES trade show, the world's largest gathering of consumer electronics companies, are smart home automation, artificial intelligence and our future mobility. Here, the BMW Group has delved deep: What might autonomous driving actually feel like? What possibilities could it open up and what needs will it create? In other words: What do we expect from mobility in the future?

Sim Racing

Sim Racing: virtual motorsports is booming.

20. December 2019

Which motorsports fan doesn’t dream of slipping behind the wheel of a race car and driving it to victory on a legendary racetrack like the Nürburgring or Hockenheimring? Of course, only very few people actually get the chance to take the controls of a powerful professional car and put it through its paces. But sim racing can turn these dreams into reality. It offers motorsports enthusiasts a realistic racing experience, where they can give their passion full rein with Project Cars, the eSports WRC Championship or Formula One eSports series. The races are based on the world’s leading sim racing platform, iRacing, combined with full-motion simulators for a more realistic driving feel than ever before. 

Patricia Urquiola and Designworks

Patricia Urquiola and Designworks – Architects of a better future.

03. Dezember 2019

Two design disciplines, one stage: BMW Group subsidiary Designworks is all about inspiration. One real driving force is Patricia Urquiola, who shared her thoughts on the subject of ‘Future Cities’ at the Designworks-Kiosk – a creative platform on which to exchange ideas. We reveal why Designworks, who are known as architects of the future, found the perfect conversational partner in Patricia Urquiola, designer and architect.

Mini Cooper

60 years of passion.

27. November 2019

Big birthdays deserve to be celebrated. Especially when we’re talking about 60 years of innovation, versatility, performance and lifestyle. That’s why, on its 60th anniversary, MINI is staying true to the tradition it embodies like no other brand: revolutionising the premium small car. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights and see how MINI, with its 60 years of passion, is bringing electromobility to the road.

One Young World Summit London

If you want to change something, you have to tackle it - The One Young World Summit London.

18. November 2019

How can global challenges be jointly overcome and how can each and every one of us contribute to positive change in society? This was the subject of intense discussion among the 2,000 young talents from the worlds of business, NGOs, academia and politics gathered at the One Young World Summit in London in late October. The summit's tenth anniversary brought together delegates from more than 190 countries to discuss topics such as sustainability, education, human rights, leadership culture and corporate social responsibility. The aim was to inspire future decision-makers and self-starters, raise their awareness and motivate them to launch their own initiatives and make connections.

Loading Storing and testing the battery cell

How the battery cell of the future is taking shape.

14. November 2019

The BMW Group has been producing high-voltage batteries for our fully-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids for a long time. We have also been focusing a great deal on battery cells for over 10 years, to ensure we have the same level of knowledge as established cell manufacturers. This article explains the difference between a battery cell and a high-voltage battery, and outlines the six steps that go into building battery cell prototypes at our new Battery Cell Competence Centre. We have pooled all our knowledge and know-how in this area at this one location. 

TedX München


12. November 2019

Daniela Bohlinger is responsible for sustainable design at the BMW Group. She talks to young people attending TEDxMünchen at the BMW Welt Future Forum about topics like how the stroke of a pen in the design phase can affect a vehicle’s future carbon footprint.

An automated BMW test driving vehicle in a lab


06. November 2019

The safety of our customers is always our number one priority. And we are in no doubt that, with the right technology, automated driving can make the roads safer for everyone. To this end, sensors are of fundamental importance as the vehicle’s eyes and ears.

Key Visual Unfolded Gmund


31. October 2019

Are we there yet?

This is undoubtedly the most frequent question asked in a car, and also the key question that the automobile industry should be asking, said Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design, in his refreshing talk on the issue of consumer centric design at the Unfolded Design and Print Festival at the Gmund Campus in Tegernsee. 

Streetlife in Chicago


24. October 2019

What are the potential applications for blockchains in the automotive and mobility industry, and how could the technology make everyday life simpler for motorists? Upon hearing the word “blockchain”, many people immediately think of Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency is the best-known example of how this relatively new technology can be used. However, blockchains (or, strictly speaking, distributed ledger technologies – known as DLT for short) can provide an answer to a host of future questions and could also have a sustained influence on mobility in tomorrow’s world.

Rad Hub 2019

The rad°hub – Time to move.

16. October 2019

Since 2016, the rad°hub has provided a unique platform that ensures a lively exchange of views, creative moments, innovative ideas and inspiring connections. The aim of this dialogue-oriented format is to push boundaries, bring influencers with ideas together and encourage dialogue between visionary thinkers and opinion leaders from all over the world. Interdisciplinary exchange, both within and outside the company, creates a space for discussing the challenges of future mobility and developing a range of possible solutions together.

Conflict resource cobalt


02. October 2019

Respect for human rights and compliance with environmental standards are a given for the BMW Group. Sustainability is an important aspect of corporate strategy and plays a vital role in expanding electromobility.

The Designworks drone, side view

Limitless design for new innovations.

10. September 2019

With the unveiling of the BMW i Hydrogen NEXT at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA), the BMW Group is demonstrating its ability to complement its electrified vehicle portfolio with the deployment of hydrogen-powered fuel cell technology.

The BMW i3 in a garage, loading


18. September 2019

The BMW Group has produced many success stories. The BMW i brand is one of them. 

“Being a true pioneer of electromobility, the BMW i3 is a technology enabler, which allows us to roll out electromobility across all brands and model series. From 2021, we will continue this approach with our BMW iNext. As technological toolkit for the future, this vehicle will also set new standards for future models.” Pieter Nota, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for Customer, Brands and Sales, points out.

BMW i Hydrogen NEXT

The BMW i Hydrogen NEXT. Our fuel cell development vehicle.

10. September 2019

With the unveiling of the BMW i Hydrogen NEXT at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA), the BMW Group is demonstrating its ability to complement its electrified vehicle portfolio with the deployment of hydrogen-powered fuel cell technology.

Young woman with smartphone in hand is standing with blown hair in front of a big building

Connected, individual, personal: the future ecosystem “myBMW”.

09. September 2019

Mobility will continue to evolve in the future. Access to digital services and personal mobility offerings are becoming increasingly important for many customers after purchasing their vehicle. This has prompted the BMW Group’s move towards a complete portfolio encompassing vehicle, services, lifestyle and offerings from partners and third-party providers.

Peter Schwarzenbauer and Munich's Environmental Officer Stephanie Jacobs are standing at an e-charging station

Collaborations for the Smart City.

04. September 2019

For now, electric vehicles are still the exception rather than the rule. This is mainly due to poor charging infrastructure and a lack of incentives. It is for this reason the BMW Group sees collaboration with cities as a tremendous opportunity. And because electric vehicles cannot reduce congestion on their own, mobility services are another important part of the concept.

Astrid Thomaser and Knut Mayser standing smiling in front of a wall

Learning from Zen Buddhists – or the anti-ego approach to innovation.

29. August 2019

The “Innovationswerk” in Garching near Munich has served the BMW Group for the past five years: A small team of designers, engineers and psychologists conducts research into people's aspirations and preferences, both today and for the future. The aim of it all? To create the ideal customer experience. We talked to the team’s two visionaries, Astrid Thomaser and Knut Mayser, about how this is taking shape. 

 Hans Zimmer and Renzo Vitale in the Sound Studio

Electrifying sound from Hollywood legend Hans Zimmer.

19. August 2019

In electrified vehicles, the engine sound has to be redesigned because the drive trains are so quiet. For the BMW Vision M NEXT, Renzo Vitale, acoustic engineer and sound designer at the BMW Group, therefore joined forces with a genius from the world of sound: Oscar-winning film composer Hans Zimmer.

Sustainability calls everything into question.

14. August 2019

Emission-free mobility will not be enough to change the world. That’s one of the reasons why the BMW Group developed its first wholly sustainable series-production vehicle, the BMW i3. This pioneering work “demanded a totally new way of thinking from all of us”, explains Daniela Bohlinger, who promotes sustainability at all BMW Group design brand studios.


18. July 2019

The transition to climate-neutral mobility has already begun. Electrification will be the dominant theme of the 2020s. It is the clearly stated goal of the BMW Group to systematically drive ahead with the decarbonisation of individual mobility between 2020 and 2030 by increasing the proportion of plug-in hybrids and battery electric vehicles sold.

MINI electric

The new fully electrically powered MINI Cooper SE.

09. July 2019

At the BMW Group, we take responsibility for future generations. We’re investing in future technologies that will help solve significant challenges facing society: as part of this process, the new fully electrically powered MINI Cooper SE is another contribution by the BMW Group to improving the quality of life. Find out where we stand as a company on electromobility and why the fully electrically powered MINI is the right car to tackle the challenges facing society today.

Self-driving BMW vehicle

“Safety First for Automated Driving” – a new cross-industry white paper.

03. July 2019

This is a very eventful week for automated driving. Which is not surprising considering this is one of the most complex challenges of our time, not only from a technological perspective, but on a social and legal level too.

BMW Vision M Next

The future is already running on electric power.

27. June 2019

The BMW Group has already established itself as a pioneer of electromobility. With the BMW i3 and BMW i8 along with a wide range of plug-in hybrid models, the BMW Group has the broadest programme of electrically powered vehicles among the competitive field. What is more, the BMW Group is now also focussing on electrifying additional models, thereby highlighting the importance of remaining open in the choice of technologies along the way to achieving sustainable mobility. 

BMW Group Plant Dingolfing


20. June 2019

Dr Jury Witschnig is head of Sustainability Strategy Product and Production at the BMW Group. He talks about why CO2-reduced production is essential for the BWW Group to take full responsibility in the field of sustainability.

Employees of the new plant are standing in front of the entrance gate

Mexico – a plant for the future.

06. June 2019

The BMW plant in Mexico is another important pillar in the company’s global production strategy. The opening of the new site takes account of the constant growth in the region and strengthens the BMW Group’s relationship with Latin America’s most important market.

BMW i3


04. June 2019

Anyone who buys a plug-in hybrid or an electric car is clearly doing their bit for the environment. These vehicles already have a much smaller carbon footprint than models with a petrol or diesel engine. But environmentally-friendly electric cars have yet to realise their full potential: They still have a lot to offer.

Bernhard Schambeck

"We want to work with the best start-ups in the world."

09. May 2019

Bernhard Schambeck is head of the BMW Startup Garage, the company’s own venture client unit. In this blog post, he talks about why startups are so important for the BMW Group and what is unique about the BMW Startup Garage’s approach.

BMW Display

BMW Group and Microsoft developing a platform for intelligent, multimodal voice interaction in the future.

06. May 2019

Collaboration between the two companies underlines the significance of cloud-based AI for the BMW Group. Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft Corp., Scott Guthrie, Executive VP of Microsoft Cloud + AI Group, and Guy Duncan, Head of Development Digital Services BMW Group, speak about the firms’ successful work together as technology partners since 2016 and their new joint projects.

Annette Baumeister

Designing the Future - Five Questions to Annette Baumeister.

30. April 2019

Designworks, a subsidiary of the BMW Group, is a global creative consultancy. Through its experience with clients in diverse industries, Designworks is able to bring external perspectives and creative inspiration to the BMW Group. Designworks also shares its know-how from the complex automotive sector with customers from other industries in joint innovation projects.
We met Annette Baumeister, Studio Director of the Designworks office in Shanghai and asked her five questions about Designworks, the Chinese way of design-thinking and todays design trends.


Plug and play: BMW i technology as a driving force for electrification.

25. April 2019

Sustainability. Innovation. Visionary planning. The BMW i models represent not only environmentally-conscious mobility, but also technological progress. Vehicle development is not the BMW Group’s only focus – because the same technology can also be used for many additional applications: From electrified boats and energy storage to local public transport – the BMW Group is literally driving electrification in a wide range of different areas.

Mr. Wick and Mr. Pflugfelder


18. April 2019

Digitalisation is one of the driving factors behind the transformation of individual mobility. The BMW Group is pressing ahead with systematic digitalisation across all areas of the company, continuously improving processes throughout the value chain. Achieving the best results possible depends on having the right tools – and this includes highly-advanced computers. Both scientific organisations and corporations are now developing a new, considerably more powerful tool – the quantum computer.


Entering the digital world in every area.

12. April 2019

From mass production to driver assistance systems to individualisation – technological progress shapes opportunities and demands for automobile manufacturers and mobility providers. Digitalisation in all its facets offers almost limitless potential. The BMW Group therefore provides a wide range of digital solutions for employees and customers across all areas of the company.

Manufacturing Robot


09. April 2019

All good things come to an end. Our BMW X7 road trip through the US enters its final week. Starting out from Las Vegas, we will make our way towards the west coast. Stay tuned to the BMW Group News Forum for travel diaries and to learn more about the BMW X7 and our company in the United States.


From Sun City to Sin City. THE FOURTH WEEK OF OUR #X7ROADTRIP (4/5).

04. April 2019

Our BMW X7 road trip through the US enters its fourth week. This is a very special one, as we drive from the Sun City of El Paso to the Sin City of Las Vegas. Stay tuned to the BMW Group News Forum for travel diaries and to learn more about the BMW X7 and our company in the United States.

Manufacturing Robot

Open, connected, collaborative: building the Smart Factory together.

02. April 2019

Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, end-to-end automation – advancing technological change and digitalisation present many exciting opportunities and challenges for manufacturing companies. The BMW Group is eager to embrace these – together with the right partners. The goal is for collaborative, cross-industry development of innovative industrial IoT applications. To this end, the company has launched the Open Manufacturing Platform with its partner Microsoft.


Houston to El Paso. The third week of our #X7roadtrip (3/5) .

28. March 2019

The road trip continues: The first ever BMW X7 starts into the third week of its five week journey across the US. This time we are on our way from Houston, via Big Bend to El Paso. Stay tuned to the BMW Group News Forum for upcoming travel diaries and learn more about our company in the United States. 


New BMW 1 Series relies on front-wheel drive for driving pleasure.

28. March 2019

Agile, sporty, dynamic – that is the BMW 1 Series. The latest generation also delivers these typical BMW qualities, of course – but with a twist: After 15 years with a rear-wheel-drive layout, the new BMW 1 Series is switching to a modern front-wheel-drive system. This brings many advantages – without compromising the usual quality, dynamic performance and sheer driving pleasure. The new BMW 1 Series is still in the final stages of testing – but we can already take a look at what the change in technology means.


Orlando to Houston: The second week of our #X7roadtrip (2/5).

22. March 2019

In the second week of our adventurous, five-week road trip across the USA in the BMW X7 we are on our way from Orlando to Tallahassee. Stay tuned at the BMW Group News Forum for upcoming travel diaries and learn more about our company in the United States.


A game-based approach to sustainable mobility.

15. March 2019

Gamification – the practice of incorporating gaming elements, such as badges and points, into everyday processes – has many advantages. It boosts involvement, encourages longer, more regular usage and makes whatever you are doing more fun. But can it also be used to help the environment? The BMW Group wanted to find out – and so, in collaboration with the City of Rotterdam, it launched the pilot project “Electric City Drive” late last year. 


the first week of our #X7Roadtrip.

13. March 2019

The first ever BMW X7 took off on an adventurous 5 week road trip in the USA starting in Spartanburg, South Carolina, home of the biggest BMW Group Plant in the world and ending in beautiful Palm Springs, California. Stay tuned at the BMW Group News Forum for the upcoming travel diaries and learn more about our company in the United States. 

Pieter Nota

Talking about customers, digitalisation and the joy of electrified individual mobility.

05. March 2019

Pieter Nota, Board Member Sales and Brand BMW, Aftersales BMW Group, has a clear vision for the future. For him it is all about customers and the new opportunities created by digitalisation. BMW Group is working towards a digital, emotional and electrified future of individual mobility. We spoke with Pieter Nota about how a consistent strategy, strong customer benefits and a focus on both fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles are important for the future.

Harald Krüger

Get to know our Mobility Power House.

28. February 2019

When it comes to modern mobility, our solutions are just as diverse as the demands. We presented our Mobility Power House at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The joint mobility service provider of the BMW Group and Daimler AG offers its customers a wide range of mobility services. No other provider offers such a comprehensive urban mobility portfolio. We are combining our services in the joint ventures REACH NOW, CHARGE NOW, FREE NOW, PARK NOW und SHARE NOW. The CEOs of each joint venture will explain which services are already available and where they are headed.

Harald Krüger

Joined forces in the field of future mobility.

22. February 2019

Imagine you want to travel from Los Angeles to Berlin. In the morning, you drive your car to the airport. A parking space has already been reserved close to the gate so the vehicle can charge while you’re away. Your flight has already been booked and when you arrive in Berlin, a car-sharing vehicle awaits to take you to your hotel. Once you check in, you decide to explore the city. At your fingertips are the tools to organise a ticket for public transport and use ride-hailing or alternative concepts, such as a bike or electric scooter. Harald Krüger, Chairman of the Board of Management at BMW AG, outlines an exciting future for urban mobility.

Smart transport robot at BMW plant Regensburg.

Leading-edge design has a new home.

14. February 2019

With its unique architecture and exhibition spaces, BMW Welt in Munich draws visitors from around the globe. It certainly provides a fitting stage for exceptional automobiles and the latest developments in the field of mobility. Soon, there will be even more to satisfy design aficionados – when BMW Welt opens an exclusive presentation area created by two leading designers.

Harald Krüger

Swimming with the current: energy solutions for a stable future.

07. February 2019

E-MOBILITY IS THE NEW NORMAL. It is also the motto for the BMW Group’s ongoing efforts to find new electrified mobility solutions – solutions that not only enable convenient charging with cheap, emission-free electricity wherever possible, but entirely redefine the premium driving experience. A stable power grid is key. That is why the BMW Mobility and Energy Services business unit is working hand-in-hand with the energy industry on a number of new projects.

Smart transport robot at BMW plant Regensburg.

Lighthouse of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

31. January 2019

The World Economic Forum is a Swiss-based non-profit foundation, best known for its annual meeting in Davos. Once a year, leading international players from the worlds of business, politics and academia, as well as journalists, come together to discuss current global challenges. The World Economic Forum also follows – and recognises – developments in Industry 4.0. In this connection, BMW Group Plant Regensburg, representing the BMW Group production system as a whole, was honoured just a few days ago as a beacon of the fourth industrial revolution. 

Harald Krüger

The courage to rethink mobility.

25. January 2019

New social and ecological challenges demand fresh thinking, new approaches and, above all, the courage to forge new paths. With the aim of always offering customers the best solution, the BMW Group is relying on its innovative capabilities as a mobility tech company. Harald Krüger, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, talks about making bold decisions, how far the BMW Group has come and the role of IT firms and start-ups at the DLD Conference 2019.

Mr. Juraschek

Innovation in every cell.

16. January 2019

It has already been more than 10 years since the BMW Group first recognised the importance of sustainability and decided to focus on electromobility. But how far has the company come since then in this area, and what does the future look like? How can technology help achieve these goals and what will happen with all the used batteries? These are questions many people ask – Stefan Juraschek, head of Development Electric Powertrain at the BMW Group, answers them for us.


CES 2019: where innovations come to life.

10. January 2019

Tomorrow’s mobility can already be experienced today, in Las Vegas: From 8 to 11 January 2019, the BMW Group will be presenting its visions for intelligent connectivity at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The central element of the exhibition area is the BMW Vision iNEXT. Thanks to audio-visual installations, VR technology and an outdoor off-road circuit, visitors will be able to discover the BMW Group’s visions for themselves in the Nevada desert.

Research and Development Center Shanghai

Research and Development in China.

03. January 2019

The BMW Group is a future-oriented mobility company. In a complex, connected and changing environment, comprehensive research and development are essential to withstand the challenges ahead. This relies on the right locations with the right conditions. China, for example, plays a key role in research and development at the BMW Group as a lead market for electromobility and digitalisation.

How to live

The cities of tomorrow – and how mobility will change them.

20. December 2018

In the constantly changing world we live in, population growth is one of the biggest challenges we face – especially in cities. It is up to us, as a society and as a company, to find answers. To this end, the BMW Group develops products that can adapt to new needs and changing habits: like the BMW Vision iNEXT, a vehicle that embodies our mobility concept for the future. At the AD Design Summit 2018 in Munich, the BMW Group’s head designer, Adrian van Hooydonk, explained why the BMW Vision iNEXT is more than just a car. 

DriveNow Car and Tram

BMW Group-Daimler AG Joint Venture will take mobility "to the next level".

19. December 2018

The mobility revolution is gathering pace, says the BMW Group's Tony Douglas. In an interview, he gives insights into the future of mobility - and how the BMW Group's Mobility Services have already changed it. 

Our position on SCR hardware upgrades for Euro 5 diesels.

12. December 2018

The current debate in Germany over hardware upgrades for diesel vehicles is in the public eye in connection with the introduction or threat of vehicle bans. The BMW Group rejects the idea of SCR hardware upgrades and has stated this openly. The reasons for this are outlined below.



15. November 2018

Digitisation is driving the most significant period of change in the automotive industry since the introduction of the moving assembly line in 1913. Today, millions of cars use mobile networks for a variety of services. Real-time traffic information, vehicle system updates and emergency facilities, such as the eCall service which helps alert rescue services in an accident, all rely on fast mobile connectivity... 

One Young World

One Young World: The future of the next generation.

14. November 2018

The ninth One Young World Summit, which was held in The Hague in late October, provided an exciting forum for the future. The BMW Group was represented at the congress by 36 delegates from ten different countries. The young people came together with committed international participants from a wide range of different disciplines to discuss economic, political and social problems and develop innovative new solutions together. One of this year’s delegates, Maximilian Hahn, shares an exclusive first-hand account of his One Young World experience.

Web Summit 2018: Can my car be my buddy?

8. November 2018

For 9 years Web Summit brings together startups, CEOs and other top players from the tech world. After the considerable success of last year’s event, BMW continues its partnership once again this year. From 5-8 November 2018, the focus is not only on showcasing the latest technologies and products but also its impact and benefits for the people. 

When the driver becomes a passenger.

31. October 2018

The first BMW debuted on the market in 1929. Since then, sheer driving pleasure has been transformed many times over. We now drive cars that can park themselves, stay in their lane – even brake for us in dangerous situations. And, in the future? Soon, we will also be able to decide whether to drive for ourselves or be driven – thanks to autonomous vehicles. But did you know it can also be fun? That is what most amazed people at a closed test circuit in Berlin in October, when they took a self-driving prototype of a BMW i3 (Level 4/5) for a spin.

Finding new perspectives together.

25. October 2018

On 12 and 13 September, Rotterdam played host to the rad°hub 2018. This time round, the BMW Group think-tank focused on the areas of connected life and smart habitat. In individual workshops, key thinkers and experts from around the world came together to develop new solutions for future mobility. Further highlights included an appearance by Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde and the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the BMW Group and the City of Rotterdam. 

“Hey BMW” – Your digital driving companion.

22. October 2018

At this year’s Paris Motor Show, the “Mondial de l’Automobile 2018”, held in early October, the BMW Group showcased a number of innovative solutions, including the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. From March 2019, the intelligent digital driving companion will be available in selected BMW models, including the 3 Series, 8 Series, X5 Series and Z4 Series. It can help the driver operate the vehicle or find a parking space – and can also answer technical questions about the car.

An interview with Klaus Fröhlich on flying and the mobility of the future.

09. October 2018

Electromobility, emission-free cars and autonomous driving. The mobility of the future is certainly taking off – quite literally, in fact, at the BMW Group. The BMW Vision iNEXT was not only designed for the future, but also presented to the public in a cargo plane during its “World Flight”. Klaus Fröhlich, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for Development, explains why this provided the perfect setting and talks about the visions the BMW Vision iNEXT aims to realise.

Letting off the brakes – for unbridled driving passion.

27. August 2018

Despite facing tragic setbacks, dedication, energy and fighting spirit are the words that best describe Alessandro Zanardi. Even after losing his legs in a 2001 racing accident, the 51-year-old motorsports legend never gave up and is still successfully competing in races today. With steadfast determination, he has constantly pushed the boundaries of motorsports. Since 2003, he has also been supported by BMW. Working in close cooperation, the race cars Zanardi drives are developed precisely to meet his needs. This recently enabled Zanardi to reach a new milestone – his first race without prosthetic limbs. The Italian came through with flying colours: At the DTM Weekend in Misano, Italy, Zanardi guest-started in two races – and finished an impressive fifth in the BMW M4 DTM in the second race of the weekend.

A vision goes around the world.

23. August 2018

Four destinations, three continents, five days and two strong partners – those are the facts behind the BMW Vision iNEXT World Flight. In collaboration with Lufthansa Cargo, the BMW Group presented its latest Vision Vehicle, the BMW Vision iNEXT, in Munich, New York, San Francisco and Beijing.

The Z4’s day in the sun.

23. August 2018

California sunshine, a spectacular location and a lot of attention –the scene was set for the world premiere of the new BMW Z4 in Pebble Beach. An atmosphere the exclusive Roadster more than lived up to.

Knowledge sparks visions.

10. August 2018

In 1969, when Apollo 11 landed on the moon, the impossible became possible. Today, the BMW Group is about to realise another dream: the dream of autonomous driving. The same principle still applies: Without the knowhow and innovative spirit of scientists, engineers and developers, milestones like these would not be possible. For this reason, the BMW Group, with many other supporters, has founded the BMW Summer School to promote the exchange of innovative ideas among young scientists.

Europe keeps on growing.

31. July 2018

There is no disputing that Europe offers a wealth of history and culture. But for many big companies, it is the continent’s geographic location that makes it so attractive, as the ideal central marketplace. Viewed as a whole, Europe is also the BMW Group’s largest production location: a location with major growth opportunities that can strengthen the global balance between production facilities in Asia, the Americas and Europe.

An investment in the future.

10. July 2018

Undoubtedly one of the most important markets in the world, China also holds tremendous potential for mobility companies. In addition to BMW and MINI models with “classic” drive trains, electric vehicles are also increasingly popular on Chinese roads. With six electrified models currently available, the BMW Group offers the widest range of products in the premium segment – a good starting point for further expansion of its strategic partnerships in China. The BMW Group is taking various entrepreneurial steps that will sharpen the company’s presence in the Chinese market and create a basis for exporting BMW electric vehicles to other markets.

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