BMW Motoren GmbH Steyr
    Stages of continual development.
- Early in 1979, the BMW STEYR Motoren GmbH plant in Upper Austria was entered in the commercial register.
- In 1980, Steyr's development center for diesel engines went into operation. The first series of diesel engines produced by the Steyr plant already changed the diesel's image radically.
- In 1989, ten years after the plant's founding, the millionth engine produced at Steyr left the assembly hall: a four-cylinder petrol engine.
- In November 2000, the BMW Motoren GmbH was awarded the Austrian Quality Award (AQA) for its corporate performance.
- On June 29, 2001, the new annex of the development centre for diesel engines officially opened.
- The BMW Motoren GmbH in Steyr is currently in its seventh major expansion phase. By 2005, around 500 million euros will have been invested in this expansion. Investment has been focussed on mechanical production and diesel engine development, as well as engine assembly and environmental protection.

New ideas always put us one step ahead.
- In 1987, BMW presented its Digital Diesel Electronics (DDE), developed in Steyr. Four years later, a new diesel engine, the six-cylinder turbo-diesel, was ready to go into series production.
- In 1998, the new direct injection diesel family – also developed in Steyr – went into series production. The four-cylinder engine went into production in March, followed by the six-cylinder engine in July.
- In June of the same year, the 320d celebrated a historic victory at the 24-hour Nürburgring car race – the first diesel engine in history to win.
- In 2001, BMW set new standards in the four-cylinder diesel segment. In only ten months, a group of eight employees from Steyr and Munich was able to adapt the methods for processing grey cast iron parts and incorporate these into the series. A world premiere!
- In 2004 the BMW 3.0 Liter Straight-Six-Diesel with Variable Twin Turbo technology defines a new class of performance diesel engines. Its power, smoothness and comfort are on BMW's exceedingly high level while fuel consumption and emission are outstanding.

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Updated July 16, 2003